Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 6 – Siam Tea Advent

Welcome to day 6 aka 1/4 of the way through my advent. Upon finding the envelope with today’s date I noticed it’s a pretty full envelope. At least considering yesterday was an Oolong. I wonder what’s inside? It feels full leaf whatever it is. Xiengkhouang Honey Hill Sheng Pu Erh Kinnari’s “Honey Hill” is a… Continue reading Day 6 – Siam Tea Advent

Pu Erh Tea

Qian Jia Zhai Puerh AKA The Thin Sheng

Hello Everyone! I know the title may sound a little odd, ‘The Thin Sheng’…what the frack right? Well you will soon understand. The review I am going to do is frankly the thinnest Puerh cake I have ever seen, especially in consideration to it’s weight and size. Last year while I was window shopping for… Continue reading Qian Jia Zhai Puerh AKA The Thin Sheng