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Tea 24 Advent with Tea Revv – Day 4

Hello everyone! It’s that time again, what tea do I have today?… The Spiced Apple. (This tea is available to buy in store). In appearance I can note dark green tea leaves that have been loosely broken and mixed with safflower petals (not many) and pieces of something I believe to be dried apple. In… Continue reading Tea 24 Advent with Tea Revv – Day 4

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Tea Blogs Best 100 List

Hello Tea Friends, I awoke on Monday morning to find that a list of ‘Top 100 Tea Blogs and Websites for Tea Enthusiasts‘ had been published on Feedspot. They chose participants based on criteria such as: Google search ranking, popularity on social media, quality and consistency of posts and of course Feedspot’s approval and opinion.… Continue reading Tea Blogs Best 100 List