Matcha Advent 2018

Day 13 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent

Hello Matcha Friends! 13 days of Matcha, what a wonderful pre Christmas treat. What will I be drinking today? Black Magic Matcha Activated charcoal matcha with creamy cocoa! Ingredients:  Activated coconut charcoal, cocoa powder, matcha green tea, Kenyan white matcha. The goth in me is smiling at the thought of drinking something black but the… Continue reading Day 13 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent

Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 12 – Siam Tea Advent

Welcome to day 12 tea friends! Half way there, what an exciting advent it’s been around the world so far. What will I be drinking today? Xiengkhouang Golden Flame Black Tea ‘Golden Flame’ Black Tea combines the processing of Yunnanese Golden Tips with the highest quality, environmental and social standards and the terroir of Xiengkhouang’s… Continue reading Day 12 – Siam Tea Advent

Matcha Advent 2018

Day 10 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent

Welcome to day 10 Tea Friends! The first day of double digits, how exciting. What is behind flap 10? Ice Cream Matcha Ice Cream Matcha, does it get any smoother by the scoop!?  Ingredients: Japanese matcha green tea, carob powder, natural flavouring. What a wonderful sounding blend. I can imagine vanilla tones with a grassy,… Continue reading Day 10 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent