Who is KittyLovesTea?

My name is Kayleigh Jade and I was born in Leicester, England, UK. I have always had a love for herbal and fruit tea (even as a child) but my curiosity got the better of me in my teen years and I started to look into other teas. I eventually found some companies in the UK that offered tea varieties and eBay was an easy source for international (particularly Chinese) blends. I found myself liking specific teas more than others such as Pu Erh and jasmine green pearls and my obsession kept growing.


Now I am in tea clubs and regularly order new products to try and though I have tried a good variety of different tea’s I still consider myself to be a beginner student. My goal in life is to keep tasting and steeping and learning and hopefully by having this blog I will pass on what I learn and feel. – Original Statement.

New Statement – At this point I believe I am no longer a beginner but at the same time I am not an expert either. My knowledge and insight lands nicely in the middle around the advance tea fan area. I still continue to learn and educate myself (and hopefully others too) by participating in selective tea clubs and trying more high brow teas. Previously I tried everything I could get my hands on to see what my own tastes were, now I know what I like but with so many types I want to narrow down to some ‘go to’ teas.

Over the years I have developed a passion for Chinese and Japanese teas in particular. Most of my collection consists of teas from those parts of the world, and my tea sets tend to be the same.

My name is kittylovestea because it combined my two favourite things in the world. Those being cats and tea (of course!). My cats are also interested in some of my teas especially dessert or sweet teas. I have arrived home before to find a few tea packets on the floor with suspicious looking holes which any cat owner know are made from biting. I now have to be careful with the storing of my tea but it’s nice to know my angels have the same interests as me. =^_^=

Honey cat likes mild green tea
Honey cat likes mild green tea
Honey cat loves Earl Grey
Honey cat loves Earl Grey

Sooty cat how rude!

Paws off the tea bag too Mr Ivory!
Paws off the tea bag too Mr Ivory!
Mr Ivory is using my glass Gongfu
Mr Ivory is using my glass Gongfu
Mr Ivory loves the smell of tea.
Mr Ivory loves the smell of tea.

I love to write reviews and have been lucky to have been offered free samples in exchange for them. If you have would like for me to review your tea then please contact me at kittylovestea@gmail.com

I am also accepting donations to keep my blog alive. All money received will go on hosting and tea.

Donate Here

Most people know me from Steepster.com where I have reviewed over 1200 teas!


I am also always looking for any work involving tea so if you have anything that you would like help with such as: helping pick particular teas for menus (private or personal), help creating a tea blend or anything that you believe I can help you with then please contact me.

RIP Honey cat. You will be drinking tea in heaven.

3 thoughts on “Who is KittyLovesTea?

  1. Hi Kitty ,

    I came across your beautiful website in my quest to find tea lovers.

    I am looking for experts to review our world class teas for the best gardens. For more information you can visit our site : halmaritea.com and order too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm Regards,

    1. Hello Sneh,

      Thank you for your message. I haven’t heard of Halmari Tea before, but I have since checked out the website. Do you only sell in minimum of 250g? That is a lot of tea for only one person. Do you do sample packs?

      Bright Warm Blessings,

  2. Hey, fellow cat lady and tea lover! I just found you when I searched for Matcha Guricha, which I bought at Whittards the other day. Reading your review made me take the leaves out quicker than I usually do and good job I did! A delightful tea indeed. I adore Japanese green tea in particular, and am still looking for the perfect matcha 🙂

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