Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 19 – Siam Tea Advent


Hello Tea Friends!

What tea will I have today?


Bolaven Plateau Arbor Green Tea

Bolaven Silver Cloud is a white silver needle tea (picking standard: pure buds) from south Laos. The seed-raised, up to over 70 years old tea trees grow in a semi-wild, biodiverse tea garden near Phonsavan on Bolaven-Plateau. The processing to a true artisan tea is mainly done by hand. At this, the light roasting that is rather untypical for white teas distincts Röstung Bolaven Silver Cloud both from Fuding white “silver needle” teas and from Yunnan “White Moonlight Buds” – also in taste!

Another Arbor tea, marvellous! I’ve enjoyed the Laos tea’s that I’ve sampled from the advent so far, I’m sure this one will be no different.


These leaves are wonderfully curly and long, very full leaf by the look of it. The colour is dark green almost brown with some wonderful silver tips contrasting throughout.

They bare an unbelievably sweet, floral scent. Very thick, like fresh lillies and honeysuckle with cut grass in the middle of summer.

Steeping Parameters: 5g leaf, 200ml, 70C water





First Steep: 2 minutes

Once steeped the resulting tea is pale yellow and bares a sweet, floral and grassy scent. Pretty much matching the raw leaf scent.

Flavour is so sweet and fresh, so floral. It lingers in the after taste with it’s sweetpea tone and a touch of smoky dryness.

In comparison think along the lines of a Bi Luo Chun but sweeter. That’s sort of what it reminds me of, a fragrant green with lots of character.

It’s so sweet though, I just can’t stop drinking it. I can imagine what it’s like being a fairy and drinking dew from the flowers of a secret forest in the twilight. The grass and flowers go so well together, even the dryness in the after taste is pleasant…it just makes me want to keep drinking more.

Second Steep: 30 seconds

The yellow is a little cloudy now.

Sweet, floral nectar with very little grass. Remains refreshing and the dryness is still only slight.

The sweetness still lingers in the after taste.



What can I say, it was simply beautiful. I wasn’t in the mood for a light tea if I’m honest, I hoped this morning it would be a black tea…I was wrong. This special green tea was so sweet and floral and full of character that I just couldn’t stop drinking it. If I had this every day I know for a fact that life would be better.

I wonder what magic I will be drinking tomorow?

Happy Steeping!

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