Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 15 – Siam Tea Advent


Hello Tea Friends!

A quick explanation. I’ve been a little under the weather the last couple of days so my reviews were put on hold. Nothing serious, honestly I get a bit run down this time of year (which I imagine a lot of you will understand). My philosophy is it’s better late than never so today I’m playing catch up with tea. Nothing wrong with a tea day 😀

What was in day 15?


Wild Zheng Shan Jin Jun Mei

Jin Jun Mei, a “child of the current millennium”, is a high grade black tea from Fujian’s Wuyi Mountains, with only the buds and attached youngest leaf being picked for this tea. Our Wild Zheng Shan Jin Jun Mei is handpicked in a widely untouched bamboo forest, located at 1100-1500m altitude in Wuyishan’s ‘Zheng Shan’ area, and mostly manually processed. Its exceptional taste is coined by a spicy sweetness and a broad spectrum of pleasant and unobtrusive roast notes.

Want some knowledge thrown at ya? Jin Jun Mei literally translates as: “golden horse eyebrow”. Whenever I see this tea about that is all I can picture, a horse somewhere in a field with some big, thick eyebrows similar to the current makeup trend.



Back to tea… In appearance you see these little ‘eyebrows’ are dark with a few lighter, golden leaves mixed throughout. They tend to be small due to the nature of when and how they are picked. They bare a thick, lightly smoky malt and dry wood scent.

Steeping Parameters: 5g leaf, 200ml vessel, 90C water




First Steep: 2 minutes 



Once steeped the resulting liquid is deep red and bares a scent similar to it’s raw form.

Flavour is rich and smoky with strong wooden tones and some dryness in the after taste.

There is also some dark sweetness, similar to treacle. Also hints of leather and earth.

Second Steep: 3 minutes




Lighter in flavour but still wooden and with some dryness.

The sweetness has increased in this steep though.


A beautiful tea, it’s strength is perfect for a pick me up or morning brew.

More tea reviews coming up.

Happy Steeping!

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