Matcha Advent 2018

Day 13 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent


Hello Matcha Friends!

13 days of Matcha, what a wonderful pre Christmas treat.

What will I be drinking today?



Black Magic Matcha

Activated charcoal matcha with creamy cocoa!

Ingredients:  Activated coconut charcoal, cocoa powder, matcha green tea, Kenyan white matcha.

The goth in me is smiling at the thought of drinking something black but the logical side is thinking that charcoal doesn’t really sound appetising. It sounds sort of…bitty. Like I will have to scrub my teeth to remove the random bits of charcoal that have stuck.



Scent wise I couldn’t detect anything! I’ve been smelling it for five minutes and frankly I can’t smell anything. Nothing. Zip.

Steeping Parameters: Whisk two scoops with 100ml of 80C water. Top with hot water.

I will be using the mini Matcha whisk that came with the kit.





No foam but it is black. *Queue a metal voice* It’s as black as my soulll!!!! *Goes back to ‘normal’.

It smells maybe like coconut, sort of, but it’s still very bland.

Flavour wise it’s similar to the scent in that it#s very mild but at a push I would say toasted coconut. It’s not bitty though which I’m happy to report but it does feel powdery, my tongue is dry and coated which is unpleasant.

There is a Matcha style bitterness that creeps in as it cools, again it’s very subtle.

It’s difficult to write much for this review but it’s softness is too subtle for my tastes. And having charcoal in it seems like a cheap novelty, it only seems to really affect the colour.

Okay I spoke too soon. The last mouthful was crunchy and bitty which stuck in my teeth and was exactly what I feared it sounded like. I was swilling the Matcha while I drank to try and help with this but alas it did not.


Yeah I think this is best left away from me. Sorry but ick! Such a shame.

Time to brush my teeth.

Join me tomorrow for another review.

Happy Steeping!

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