Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 12 – Siam Tea Advent


Welcome to day 12 tea friends!

Half way there, what an exciting advent it’s been around the world so far.

What will I be drinking today?


Xiengkhouang Golden Flame Black Tea

‘Golden Flame’ Black Tea combines the processing of Yunnanese Golden Tips with the highest quality, environmental and social standards and the terroir of Xiengkhouang’s ancient tea trees. The initial perception of sweet cocoa and raisin notes is followed by hints of orange peel and a variety of dried fruits. Plums, figs, dates … a universe of tastes, united and elevated to a symphony of an all-consuming sweetness that lingers on the palate even more than pleasure.


In appearance the leaves are golden in colour with a high shine. They bare a rich wood, cocoa and malt scent. Beautiful!

Steeping Parameters: 5g leaf, 200ml vessel, boiling water



First Steep: 3 minutes 





Once steeped the resulting liquid is red in colour and bares a rich, sour wood and dark fruit scent.

Flavour wise it’s similar to it’s scent. Thick with notes of dry wood, sour cocoa nib, brown sugar and stone fruit. The aftertaste is somewhat dry.

It’s easy to drink with very little astringency, instead it’s almost a leather like quality.

Second Steep: 3 minutes



This steep is lighter and much sweeter than it’s predecessor.

More brown sugar, stone fruit with honey and dry wood now.


A delicious black tea with Yunann like qualities and full on flavour. If I could drink this every day it would make me a happy kitty! :3

Join me tomorrow for day 13.

Happy Steeping!

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