Matcha Advent 2018

Day 11 -Bird&Blend Matcha Advent


Hello Tea Friends!

Day 11 of my Matcha adventure is here, let’s see what’s behind door number 11.



Mixology Matcha

Bird & Blend’s signature green tea matcha powder, perfect for mixing up lattes, smoothies + baking too. 

Ingredients: Ground green tea, ground white tea.

An interesting combination, green and white tea. I’m not sure what the real difference will be taste wise, perhaps it won’t be as thick as standard green tea Matcha?


In appearance the powder is khaki green with a dry, somewhat wooden scent. Some sweetness in it too, like dried peony flowers.

Steeping Parameters: Whisk two scoops with 100ml of 80C water. Top with hot water.

I will be using the mini Matcha whisk that came with the kit.




Once prepared the resulting liquid bares some foam (better than usual though still not full) and a dark, khaki colour. The scent is pleasant, dried grass with a hint of wood and salt.

Flavour is smooth and delicate with a creaminess that makes it easy to drink. Has a grassy flavour with dryness in the after taste and a bitter kick.

Not as strong as a standard Matcha but the creaminess is very pleasant.


I enjoyed this more than I expected but still not a convert over traditional Matcha.

Join me tomorrow for another quick review.

Happy Steeping!

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