Matcha Advent 2018

Day 10 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent


Welcome to day 10 Tea Friends!

The first day of double digits, how exciting.

What is behind flap 10?



Ice Cream Matcha

Ice Cream Matcha, does it get any smoother by the scoop!? 

Ingredients: Japanese matcha green tea, carob powder, natural flavouring.

What a wonderful sounding blend. I can imagine vanilla tones with a grassy, Matcha base for a creamy finish.


It smells so creamy and sweet, very vanilla like which matches my expectations.

Steeping Parameters: Whisk one sachet with 100ml of 80C water. 

I will be using the mini Matcha whisk that came with the kit.


As it recommends using milk and turning it into a latte I have got a shot of milk to top up with rather than adding the water as I usually do. So it’s 100ml water, whisk and top with a shot of milk.

Once the milk was added I whisked again.





It became foamy when the milk was added and I whisked but it quickly vanished.

Once the water was added the creamy, vanilla essence filled the air. It actually is ice cream like, clotted ice cream or heavy cream related. Picture McDonald’s Vanilla Milkshake scent wise and it’s similar.

Flavour wise it’s sweet and creamy before adding a touch of bitterness and actual Matcha flavour before becoming light once more and ending with a creamy yet slightly dry after taste.

It’s actually similar to a Matcha Latte blend I used to buy from overseas. It was Matcha powder with powdered milk and sweetener in, and the idea was you just needed to add water.

This may actually be my favourite so far. I had vanilla creaminess and Matcha goodness in one mouthful. For once it wasn’t too strong or strange tasting.

Adding the shot of milk helped I think.

A delicious tea with an overly sweet name. A win is a win.

Join me tomorrow for another review.

Happy Matcha Drinking!

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