Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 5 – Siam Tea Advent


Welcome Tea Friends to day 5!

Let me jump straight in as I’m later than planned with the review today. You know how it is (all work and no play).

Inside pouch number 5 is:


DMS Cha Nang Ngam Cing Xin Oriental Beauty Oolong

Our DMS ‘Cha Nang Ngam’ Cing Xin Oriental Beauty is a handpicked, medium-oxidized Oolong tea from Doi Mae Salong, north Thailand. In China and Taiwan, where this tea comes from, it is also referred to as ‘Bai Hao’ Oolong or Dong Fang Mei Ren. The crystal-clear amber cup of the northern Thai version of this tea convinces with its extremely complex, pronounced flowery-sweet taste and its rich, multilayered fragrance, reminiscent of lush summer meadows.

I long for Oolong, It’s true. Sometimes there is nothing finer than a floral, buttery Oolong to help cope with the dismal winter weather that lies ahead.


The leaf is small to medium in size and is a blend of dark brown and dark green. I can see some stems have also been wrapped tightly.

They have a toasted grass scent with a hint of wood and wild flowers.

Steeping Parameters: 5g leaf, 250ml vessel, 85C water.



Steep one: 2 minutes 




Once steeped the resulting liquid is pale yellow in colour and bares very little scent, the only thing I can detect is flowers.

The flavour is also soft yet sweet with a hint of butter and fresh grass. Some dryness in the after taste.

Steep two: 3 minutes 



Here we go, the leaves have opened more and unleashed their flavour.

Just like the first steep it’s soft and sweet with floral highs and a buttery finish. I can also taste toasted grass.

Still some dryness though the butter lingers in the mouth. Floral wise it’s on the cusp of reminding me of jasmine though on a milder scale.

Steep three: 4 minutes 



Richer and flavourful with toasted grass, dry wood and a jasmine-esque floral finish. Slightly sour but still buttery and mineral tasting. Fresh in other words.

This is my favourite steep so far.

Steep four: 5 minutes




Ah, now it’s similar to the first steep. Very little remains at this point.

The after taste is floral with a hint of grass.



Here are some leaves chosen at random at the end of my steeps.

A beautiful and delicate Oolong with jasmine highs and toasted grass lows. All in one buttery and delicious package.

Now my soul is full with thoughts of spring and I long for the new year.

Join me tomorrow for another tea adventure.

Happy Steeping!

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