Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 4 – Siam Tea Advent


Hello Tea Friends!

Another day, another tea….or hopefully in this case!

After yesterdays mishap I have gathered my thoughts and came prepared for today’s tea. For those that aren’t familiar with what happened; I had essentially done the post and was left with the tasting to do. While attempting to put the leaf into my teapot I hadn’t noticed it was upside down and open. It ended up covering my floor which left it un-salvageable. Today’s review has got to be better…*fingers crossed*

What is in pouch number 4?



Ancient Snow Shan Black Tea

Handpicked black tea from 100+ years old “Thuyet Shan” (= “Snow High Mountain”) tea trees in Ha Giang province, Vietnam. Our producer partner in Vietnam picks this tea from March to midst of May and from September to November every year with a picking standard of 1+2 from the tea trees of their biodiverse and health and environment-friendly operated plantation, located at altitudes of 1400+ meters. Until today, a large part of the processing is done manually and in form of a true “artisan process”.

Truth be told I don’t recall trying many Vietnamese black teas. Some green teas yes and a few Oolong I believe but not black. So I’m not overly sure what to expect as a base for comparison. Honestly that only makes it more exciting!


The loose leaf is a mixture of dark brown and golden tips, both thinly rolled and baring a natural curl. The golden tips have some hairs and a high shine.

Scent wise it’s beautiful (to me anyway). Sweet wood with hints of malt and date fruit. (Stone fruit at any rate)

It’s not dissimilar to a Yunnan black at the moment which is interesting.

Steeping Parameters: 5g leaf, 200ml, boiling water. 





First Steep: 3 minutes 

Once steeped the resulting liquid is red in colour and bares a rich wood and stone fruit scent.

Full on flavour, stronger than I expected actually. I think that’s because in my mind it showed similarities to a Sun Moon Lake tea and a Yunnan. I suppose it’s in the middle of those strength wise.

The stone fruit (prune or date) is rich and leathery with wooden tones and a slight astringency that leads to a drying after taste.

Second Steep: 4 minutes

Softer and somewhat sweeter in this steep, though the stone fruit remains consistent.

It’s actually so sweet now it reminds me of rock sugar. A delicious contrast between the darker fruit and wood tones.


This was a beautiful tea. It was very Sun Moon Lake (Thai) black tea like with the fruit tones but with more strength. I may actually consider picking some of this up for my personal stash.

It was perhaps a touch dryer than I prefer; but that being said the flavour made up for that and left my mouth feeling fresh and fragrant.

So happy with today’s tea….and the fact that I actually got to drink it this time!

Join me tomorrow for day 5.

Happy Steeping!

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