Matcha Advent 2018

Day 4 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent


Hello Tea Friends!

Day 4 is upon us. That’s 1/6th of the way through already.

What is behind door number 4?



Lemon Matcha

Our brilliant Matcha flavoured with a zesty twist of lemon!

Ingredients: Japanese green tea powder with lemon peel, lemon essential oil.

I’m not a stranger to lemon matcha, in fact it’s one of my go to flavours. I haven’t tried Bird&Blends take on it though so I wonder how it will differ?


It smells very subtle but lemon is just about there.


Steeping Parameters: Whisk one sachet with 100ml of 80C water. Top with hot water.

I will be using the mini Matcha whisk that came with the kit.


Not much foam to speak of.

Flavour is lemony but in a waxy sort of way. Some astringency also which adds to the waxy lemon rind taste. It’s not like, super lemony either considering the rind is so strong.

There is no sweetness to it either which I expect from lemon. It’s sour but sweet, yet all I can taste from this is waxy rind with a lingering aftertaste.

In comparison to this Lemon Matcha and the one I get from Pure Chimp I say I fully prefer the Pure Chimp blend. The Bird&Blend Lemon Matcha is heavy on the rind and waxy whereas the Pure Chimp Lemon Matcha uses lemongrass instead of the fruit so it’s fragrant and creamy but with full on flavour. For me lemongrass blends better with the Matcha base. (Plus it has to be said that Pure Chimp is a lot cheaper).

I feel a bit cheeky for the comparison but I have the Pure Chimp matcha often and have for a long time. This blend just doesn’t Matcha-up to that one. (Sorry, I had to)

Hopefully tomorrow’s blend will be a better Match-a. (I can’t stop!)

Happy Steeping!

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