Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 3 – Siam Tea Advent


Ahoy Tea Friends!

Welcome to day 3 of my advent journey.

Let’s see what we have for today…



Goomtree Spring Oolong First Flush

With the Spring Oolong First Flush 2018, Goomtee Tea Estate makes another step in the development of modern first flush processing in Darjeeling.  Here, the line between black tea and Oolong tea processing has been blurred for a while already, in a way that makes it even hard to clearly assign the result to any of the two categories. Now, thanks to rich downpours and temporarily snow-covered tea gardens during the preceding winter, 2018 is a truly exceptional year for Darjeeling teas. And whoever is lucky enough to getting to try this tea in this special season, will certainly agree with me that the development of first flush processing in Darjeeling is going in a very good direction!


In appearance the leaves are varying shades of brown with a few green pieces scattered throughout. They are quite thin with a natural curl though random sized pieces are also present.

Scent wise it’s sweet and floral with a dry finish. It reminds me of spring time rain in a forest, the dry but sweet and earthy scent that rises from the earth and fills the air.

Right here there should be steeping parameters but unfortunately I am not able to review this tea. Upon trying to put the tea into my teapot I got the packet the wrong way around and it was open, it covered my floor which was filled with specks of glitter from Christmas decorations and is unsafe to drink. Anger and upset doesn’t come into it….i’m crushed.

So I can only apologise but no review today. fml.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be a tea review.

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