Matcha Advent 2018

Day 3 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent


Greetings Tea Friends.

Welcome to day 3 of my advent celebrations. Let’s see what today has in store…

Behind door number 3 is:

Mermaid Matcha 


This magical blue matcha is infused with blue flower, to create a deep sea blue brew!

Ingredients: Blue pea flower, japanese matcha green tea, carob powder, natural flavouring.

A blue matcha? Well I suppose there has to be a first for everything!


Hmm…it looks pretty green to me, perhaps it goes blue once I add the water?

It also smells sort of chocolatey.

Steeping Parameters: Whisk one sachet with 100ml of 80C water. Top with hot water.

I will be using the mini Matcha whisk that came with the kit.


Holy moly…it went dark blue! From green to blue in the blink of an eye. It made a decent foam though with a beautiful shine.

It tastes like chocolate(along with the smell), it’s sweet but with a creamy undertone. The flavour isn’t strong but the delicacy of it is pleasant.

The after taste is sweet with some dryness and a quickly dissipated chocolate tone.

It was nice though very un-matcha like and I found that a little off putting. Sure it’s cool that it changes colour and I like chocolate (not a huge chocolate fan), but I love matcha for the grassy, seaweed flavours. If it’s going to be flavoured I feel it has to be done well, and this one just isn’t for me. Though I’m glad to have tried it.

What a journey I’ve been through already for the first 3 days. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Remember to check back each day for updates.

Happy Steeping!

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