Siam Tea Advent 2018

Day 1 – Siam Tea Advent


Hello Tea Friends!

What a beautiful, festive image depicting Siam Teas Advent Calendar. How could I say no? This exclusive advent was only available to purchase through 13th-18th November.

The SiamTeas Tea Advent Calendar Box contains 24 different teas from our assortment of fine teas from China, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, each in a resealable sample bag. ON each sachet you will find the date to open and enjoy, In each sachet you will find a 5g sample of the respective tea AND the corresponding label! This way, the SiamTeas Advent Calendar Box holds a surprise for you every day, for 24 days! And comes with the promise that we will do our very best to make it a good one every day …

I’m a fan of Siam Tea in general, they stock some unusual teas that I haven’t found anywhere else. If you’re after something different I recommend checking them out.

Not only did I receive a free glass tea bowl in my advent, I also got a “The World Map of Tea” poster and three free samples. The samples were enjoyed a week or so ago, it was a bagged Thai black tea.

So what’s inside pouch number 1?



Shincha Gyokuro Wakana

Shincha Gyokuro Wakana (“Wakana” = jap. for “young green”) is a fully shaded (Gyokuro) tea in Shincha quality (Shincha = fresh first flush) harvested during the first days of the early picking season. Home of this tea is the prefecture of Kagoshima in the south of Japan. The special character of the early picking, several weeks of full shading before the harvest and a high grade selection of only the youngest and most delicate leaves guarantee a top class Shincha Gyokuro green tea.

I do love Japanese greens 😀 I couldn’t be more thrilled with receiving this for day 1.


The leaves are thin and dark green with a high shine. Japanese greens are always beautifully glossy! They bare a subtle though sweet scent of dried grass and seaweed.

Steeping Parameters: 5g leaf, 220ml kyusu in 60C water




First Steep: 2 minutes 

The resulting tea is cloudy, yellow with a sweet yet salty seaweed and lily scent.

The first sip reveals a light yet complex tea with notes similar to it’s raw form. I can detect seaweed, salt, sweet grass, vegetal broth and umami which lingers on the tongue in the after taste. It bares minimum astringency.

Half way down the cup there is some dryness coming into the after taste.

Second Steep: 1 minute

Similar to the first steep this remains light though full of character. The umami and seaweed has increased as has the saltiness.

The dryness remains around the same level as the first steep.


What a beautiful Shincha! Drinking it has given me a green glow inside my body and filled me with happiness.

As a side note: My yunomi style tea cup is from Dunelm.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrows venture. What will be in pouch number 2?

Join me tomorrow to find out!

Happy Steeping!

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