Matcha Advent 2018

Day 1 – Bird&Blend Matcha Advent


Hello Tea Friends! An inactive year follows an active ending. This year I will be reviewing two tea advents each day leading up til Christmas.

I will be starting with Bird & Blend Tea Co (formally Bluebird Tea Co) and their first ever Matcha Advent Calendar.

This is the worlds first ever Matcha Advent Calendar that boasts a unique collection of 24 different flavours and types of Matcha. Not only that, but each advent receives a free mini bamboo whisk.

The world’s first Matcha Green Tea Advent Calendar is here – With over 23 flavours of matcha green tea!

We’ve made history with this advent calendar… The world’s first Matcha green tea advent! Hand packed and blended in Sussex, UK, our tea elves have been working super hard to make it!

With 23 (yes, 23!) taste-bud-tantalising matcha flavours, ranging from Ice Cream to Pure Grade. there’s something for everyone and we’ve even included a special surprise for the last day!

We’ve also made sure you’re a fully fledged matcha master with a FREE mini travel whisk (worth £10) to get you started straight away. There are also simple instructions each day so you can make the most of your festive countdown!

Here is the first window (woohoo!)



Pure Grade Matcha

I actually anticipated that the first door on the calendar would be an unflavoured one, a way to introduce Matcha to those that have yet to try it in all it’s glory. Fine by me, I just love Matcha!


The scent is beautiful and creamy, so sweet yet grassy and mineral. Very refreshing and reminds me of Spring on this dull and dark, Winter day. The colour is also a beautiful lush green.

Steeping Parameters: Whisk contents of sachet with 100ml of 80C water. Top with hot water.

For the sake of this review I will be using the mini whisk that came with the calendar rather than my fancy, large bamboo whisk.





Once prepared the resulting Matcha bares a beautiful green froth. The pictures appear more yellow but I assure you, it’s greener than shown.

Flavour is sweet yet rich with grass and fresh spinach tones that have some astringency and umami. Very fresh tasting.

Well that slipped down like a treat and gave me an energy kick, what more could I ask for on the 1st of December?

Tune in tomorrow to see what day 2 brings. What flavours await me?

Happy Steeping (and whisking)!

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