Black Tea

Tea 24 Advent with Tea Revv – Day 9 & 10


Hello Tea Friends!

I want to apologise for the delay in posts 9 and 10. Snow hit the UK this weekend and with it pretty much everything stopped, including my internet. It had been on and off all weekend which was infuriating so I decided to delay the blog posts and spend my time on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket and watching films.

For that reason this is a two review post to catch up to day 11, which will be posted today but separately.

9th December’s tea is… Notorious Eggnog (Not available to buy at present)



Ingredients: Black tea, ginger pieces, cinnamon, clove, natural flavours.


In appearance the blend is predominantly black leaf with a few cinnamon bark and ginger pieces among them.

In scent it’s dry yet spicy with fiery cinnamon notes and warming ginger coming through strongly. Similar to a simple spiced chai.

Steeping Parameters: Boiling water for 3-4 minutes. No milk or sweetener.


Once steeped the resulting tea is red/brown in colour with a gold hue and bares a cinnamon scent. Nothing really to it, just spiced cinnamon.

The first few sips reveal medium black base with spiced cinnamon notes and a sweet aftertaste.

It just tastes like cinnamon black tea to me. It’s not as strong as it’s raw scent and there is nothing creamy or eggnog like for me. Perhaps a touch of nutmeg or something would have drawn it out? And I’m surprised the base is not thicker in flavour.

So the blend is a bit disappointing. It’s got a wonderful Christmas name but nothing in it that resembles it’s name at all. It’s a pleasant enough tea; don’t get me wrong…It’s just not eggnog like at all.

Accompanied with a Slow Gin Mince Tart (which was from Aldi and delicious)!


Day 10

Our tea today is….. Coffee Pu-Erh 



Ingredients: Black tea, Black Tea Pu-erh style, Cocoa beans, Green coffee beans, Chamomile petals, Ground coffee, Natural  flavours


In appearance the blend is interesting. You have dark black and Puerh leaves contrasted against the chamomile petals and chunks of coffee bean.

In scent it’s sour and strongly coffee like with a subtle sweetness and cocoa finish. Reminds me of chocolate coffee sweets.

Steeping Parameters: Boiling water for 3-4 minutes. No milk or sweetener.


Once steeped the resulting liquor is dark brown in colour and bares an earthy yet sweet scent with strong coffee tones. Also something behind it, vanilla like.

The first few sips reveal a sour coffee taste with a sweet finish. Dark undertones with the coffee richness but it lightens quickly into a sweet, vanilla and cocoa creaminess with minimal dryness. It doesn’t taste of Puerh as much as it smells, that earthiness has almost been erased.

I’m not a fan of coffee but actually this blend works surprisingly well. The mixture of sour and sweet in a medium thick base has worked and it’s one of the better coffee tea’s I’ve tried. Though admittedly there are not many I have, though this isn’t my first Coffee Puerh blend.

Not sure it would be something I would have again but it made a nice change.

Until next time,

Happy Steeping!

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