Black Tea

Tea 24 Advent with Tea Revv – Day 8


Hello Tea Friends! Welcome to day 8 of my blogmas Tea 24 Advent. We’ve had a nice introduction so far with blends consisting of black, green and Rooibos bases with a variety of flavours to boot. The randomness and unknowing is an exciting touch for every day.

So what is inside pouch number 8? …..



Chilli Willy Chai

The name that gave me a giggle this morning as I looked out of the window and saw the frost in the air and ice on my car windscreen. It has a picture of a snowman on the front and I bet he has a pretty chilly… I’m sure you get the point!

In terms of ingredients it looks like a standard chai but with a small twist, this one has white chocolate drops in it! White chocolate is my favourite, though I suppose technically it isn’t chocolate in the traditional sense.


In appearance I can note black tea with stems/sticks, broken white chocolate pieces, dried ginger and chunky dried cinnamon stick pieces.

In scent I can smell chocolate (though dry) and mixed spices though it has a kick like pepper that tickles my nose, and a touch of cinnamon.

Steeping Parameters: Adagio PersonaliTEA teapot, boiling water for 3-4 minutes. No milk or sweetener (though that is my usual spiced chai preference).


Once steeped the resulting liquor is dark brown with a golden glow and a chocolatey yet dry spice scent, very much like it’s raw form.

The first few sips reveal Medium thickness with dry yet sour spiced notes and a hint of chocolate (if not raw cocoa like) in the after taste. Like a weak hot chocolate that is made from just the nib and some spices thrown in.

Perhaps not painting it in the best light there, but it really is more sour than I had planned for. The spices I can taste (particularly cinnamon and pepper) but it leaves my mouth rather dry and with almost a powdery texture.

My problem with this blend is that it’s not rich enough for my liking. The spices are there but not at a nice level and the flavours could be better, perhaps fresher. As for the chocolate it sorta gets hidden behind everything else and then completely lost in the ever drying after taste.

Here we are, a blend that isn’t for me. Which isn’t to say it’s a horrible tea; just one that’s not to my taste. At the moment it’s not available to buy online but it probably will be soon. And it does have a great name!

Join me tomorrow for day 9 (and hopefully a tea more attuned to my taste).

Until tomorrow, Happy Steeping!

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