Rooibos Tea

Tea 24 Advent with Tea Revv – Day 7


Hello Tea Friends! Welcome to day 7, time has flown by. This is officially the first 7 days complete (well, almost).

(Side note: I’m not very well at the moment and I’m trying my best to complete this review and those over the next few days. Nothing serious, nothing a rest and time won’t cure).



What is today’s treat? Day 7 – Berry Cupcake (This is available to buy).

Ingredients: Rooibos, Cranberry* pieces, Blackberry, Currant, Blueberry pieces, and Natural flavours. *(Cranberry pieces: Sugar, Cranberry, Rice powder, Vegetable sunflower oil).


In appearance this Rooibos blend has large, juicy berries in and fruit of an indeterminate nature.

Scent wise this was wonderful! Toasted berries with savoury bread notes. Perhaps not sweet enough for a cake at this point, very muffin like.

Steeping Parameters: Adagio PersonaliTEA teapot (again for the finer basket), boiling water for 4-5 minutes.



The resulting tisane liquor is golden brown with a red hue and bares a sweet, thick berry scent. Reminiscent of jam, smells sticky.

The first few sips reveal a thick Rooibos base which leads to a sour, tangy berry after taste that becomes creamy and light leading to mild dryness. Sweeter than I was expecting but then Rooibos always tastes sweeter than it smells.

It’s a nice blend, that mixture of sweet and sour with rich fruitiness and a creamy aftertaste….delicious! Perhaps more jam like than cake but I’m not complaining.

Join me tomorrow for day 8.

Until next time, Happy Steeping!

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