Black Tea

Tea 24 Advent with Tea Revv – Day 6


Welcome to day 6 of my Tea 24 advent adventure. It’s been almost a week of tea and I look forward to my little surprise each day. Perhaps I should admit that I’m not the best at keeping secrets or even at honouring surprises…This is why presents for me are usually hidden so I can ignore the temptation to open them and solve the mystery once and for all. Despite that I have remained true to this advent; by that I mean I have not snooped or had a sneaky look at what teas I have coming soon. It’s a literal look in the morning before I carry on with my day until I can sit down and focus on the review.

Well then, what do we have for day 6?



English Breakfast (This is available to buy on the Tea Revv website).

The breakfast of champions. Smoother than the bottom of James Brown’s shoes; our classic breakfast tea blends large leaf fine Indian and Chinese teas.


In appearance the leaves are loosely chopped with some sticks/stems present an a few pieces of green leaf.

Opening the packet reveals a dry and wooden scent with a touch of sweet smoke.

Steeping Parameters: Adagio PersonaliTEA teapot, boiling water for 4 minutes.


As this is a breakfast tea I will be adding a drop of milk to it, as that is how I usually take it.But no sweetener will be added during this tasting.

Once steeped the resulting tea is dark brown (without milk) and bares a wooden yet smoky scent similar to it’s raw form.

Milk added.


The first few sips reveal a wooden base with dark, pitted fruit tones that lead to a sweet and slightly smoky finish. Some dryness in the after taste.

Strength wise it’s at a nice balance, not too strong but good enough to have first thing in the morning for a pick me up.

A nice blend overall with some wonderful fruit tones that remind me of a few Thai black teas I’ve had before (which tend to also be fruity). When I say fruit I’m referring to prune, date, lychee style notes.

Though it may not be morning I can still enjoy this tea while I do some Christmas shopping online.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Steeping!

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