herbal tisane

Tea 24 Advent with Tea Revv – Day 5


Hello Everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day. I’ve been a little busy today so this is a little later than planned but at least it’s on the correct day.

What does day 5 behold?…



Cold Killa (This tisane is currently available to buy).

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Licorice, Chamomile, Lemon pieces, Gynostemma.

What an interesting blend! I had to do a quick Google search to see what Gynostemma was. (AKA Jiaogulan – a leafy herb from China, often used in remedies and medicines but also often drank as a tisane). Well I don’t think I’ve had any of that before so I don’t know what to expect in terms of flavour, but I imagine the lemongrass and licorice combination will probably mask it anyway.


In appearance I can see thick, lemongrass leaves, roughly rolled herb pieces and a few pieces of dried yellow substance I believe to be lemon rind.

In scent it smells of lemongrass but also a little dry with a herby after scent. Not like anything specifically, just a generic mixed herbs sort of scent.

Steeping Parameters: Adagio PersonaliTEA teapot, boiling water for 4 minutes.



Once steeped the liqour is golden in colour and bares a super lemony scent. More rind and fresh than actual lemongrass. It’s sour but with some sweetness. (Yes, that is a Christmas biscuit next to my drink).

The first few sips reveal lemongrass tones with a herby yet refreshing aftertaste that leads to some dryness.

As it cools slightly the licorice thickens , especially in the after taste. It’s rather well balanced though against the lemongrass; so while it’s strong it isn’t actually dominant (or too dominant anyway).

It’s a nice blend but not the sort of thing I would usually have as I tend to dislike licorice. That being said I like lemongrass and this may actually be soothing on the throat during a cold.

Until tomorrow, Happy Steeping!

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