Rooibos Tea

Tea 24 Advent with TeaRevv – Day 3


Hello 🙂 Welcome to day 3!

What do I have today I wonder? … Ruby Ammeretto. This tea is available to buy in store.




In appearance I can note fine, red rooibos with flower petals and a large almond slice. It bares a sweet and thick almond scent with a hint of orange; not unlike ammeretto.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Cranberry, Orange, Almond pieces, Cardamom, Calendula, Red cornflower petals, anise, clove pieces, Natural flavours containing Nut oil (Almond and Hazelnut).


The steeping parameters: Adagio PersonaliTEA teapot ( has a mesh basket which is perfect for the fineness of the Rooibos), in just under boiling water for 7-8 minutes.


Once steeped an orange liquor is produced with a super sweet (somewhat candied) Rooibos and almond scent. A little Rooibos heavy in scent but then I’m not usually a fan.

The first few sips reveal a rich and lightly roasted Rooibos blend with essence of clove and spices before the sweetness kicks in to the aftertaste. It smells stronger than it tastes and there is some dryness.

That being said it’s a pleasant blend and the spices do remind me of Christmas. I don’t often have clove outside of the festive season. And despite how heavy the Rooibos is there is enough flavour to be drinkable for those of us that tend to dislike it. Perhaps not as nice as actual ammeretto but the next best thing. Not to mention the fact that this one is caffeine free (and alcohol free) too.

Join me tomorrow when I find out what’s behind pouch number 4.

Happy Steeping!

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