Black Tea

Tea 24 Advent with TeaRevv – Day 2


Welcome back! Are you ready to find out what tea I have today?

Day 2 is…. Ice Cream Earl Grey



This blend is actually available to buy in the Tea Revv shop.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cornflower Petals, Bergamot Oil, Natural Flavours.

I’ve had Creamy Earl Grey blends before but not an Ice Cream version, how exciting!


In appearance I can note black, loosely rolled leaves with some stems and bright blue cornflower petals. I always think black and blue make a nice contrast in Earl Grey.

Scent wise this packs a powerful punch! It screams bergamot with a sweet yet earthy tone behind it, vanilla perhaps? Either way it’s a very strong Earl Grey blend.

I will be seeping this in my personal teapot (which is two cups worth which is also how much leaf I have), the same vessel as yesterday. Boiling water for 3-4 minutes without milk or sweetener (to test the creaminess level of the blend by itself).


Once steeped the resulting tea is brown liquor with a reddish hue that bares a super sweet vanilla scent that is thick and creamy…velvety.

Oh man this is tasty! It’s more cream than bergamot but it’s at a nice balance. The black tea itself has some richness to the contrast with a light wooded, dry aftertaste that becomes sweeter. The cream has to be vanilla, it just tastes so much like it. And the ice cream name is rather fitting I would say as it’s one of the more creamier Earl Grey blends I’ve ever tried. So much so that even without sweetener or milk I find this delightful to drink, nothing worth mentioning in the way of bitterness.

In fact the aftertaste is so creamy and sweet that it almost feels like I’ve just had a spoon of ice cream! If I over steeped this tea I believe it would have gotten rid of a lot of the creaminess and sweetness, it’s something that I would normally play around with before finding it just the way I like it. It would seem I got lucky this time around, but if I were to brew another pot I would have steeped for approx 4-5 minutes so I could add sweetener and milk but still have a strong tea, it’s all about experimentation and preference.

Nothing left to do now but enjoy the rest of my tea and have my official first mince pie of the year!

Until tomorrow, Happy Steeping!

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