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Material Matcha Uji


Hello tea friends!

It is with some delight that I have a matcha review coming up. You know how much I adore my matcha and everything Japanese. Which is why when I was asked if I would review some I jumped at the chance. I drink matcha almost every day and my husband calls it my ‘go to’ drink.

Material Matcha Uji is the story of two French tea lovers that lived in Japan and took it upon themselves to create a great matcha, something that isn’t often seen outside of Japan. Studying the history and tradition they befriended tea masters and experienced the disappearing art and tradition of matcha growing.


The result is a first series of three bold, over-the-top, never exported before blends of insanely good Matcha Green Teas that are designed to incorporate perfectly in modern life. Reconciling gourmet taste and purity in spirit, they pay a vibrant homage to Japanese minimalism and completely re-define tea ceremony as a modern, personal ritual.

This is a simplistic and short analysis of their journey but I’m sure you can appreciate the length these delightful gentleman (Etienne and Morgan) have gone to as true tea lovers. You can read more here.

They will be starting a Kickstarter campaign later in the month. You should definitely keep your eyes peeled for that. I will update with links as soon as it goes live so check back.


I’ve received a sample of blend MMU03 – A blend of Samidori and Gokou leaf cultivars that were ‘designed’ in Uji and go perfectly with the shaded production. In fact they go into detail about the production of their blends here. A great read to understand the processing and general making of matcha.

The MMU03 blend was crafted as a total art piece: we crafted a combination of two of the most exclusive “shaded” tea species, both historically originating entirely from the Uji terroir. Full and velvety is what best describes the Gokou variety, however it is further enhanced by Samidori’s depth to realize a full bodied, complex, refined blend.

I only received a sample as the range has not yet been fully produced (remember the Kickstarter campaign) but I was told that the sample I have was immediately created and packed to ensure freshness. A fresh Matcha is a must, so rustic packaging aside it bothers me not. The black packaging above shows the planned presentation, and I admit it’s a rather fetching design.



So then, as I open my pouch I am lost for words. It’s like the world has suddenly stopped and we’re both staring in awe. Two things: The green colour is extraordinary and the scent is beautiful! Sweet grass and peony mixed with a lightly toasted sensation.

Before I prepare this I was told to use a slightly different method to usual. A video of the method can be found here.






Once prepared the foam glistens and glows with a beautiful green hue and it bares the same phenomenal sweet grass scent with added toasted seaweed hints.

Flavour is sweet and robust with rich green highes and toasted lows. Sweet grass meets seaweed, fresh broccoli and a punch of umami that sweetens in the after taste. The liquid itself is foamy and light, incredibly easy to drink.

The umami is strong but incredibly sweet, like drinking Godly nectar. The preparation method also worked very well, it was smooth and without lumps.

Honestly; this is one of the best matcha blends I have ever tried. I am not just saying that either. In context of balance this matcha is pretty perfect. It has colour, flavour, scent, freshness, foam, umami….essentially everything I look for in a matcha. Even several minutes after drinking this my mouth is still coated with sweet umami goodness.

I’ve actually got a glow, or I feel as though I do, which shows the power and quality of this tea. ‘Tea drunk’ would be an adequate analogy which many of the tea community understand.

As mentioned above, I will update this review as soon as the Kickstarter campaign has been launched. I tell you now though, if you love matcha then you will love Material matcha Uji.

Happy matcha making! Shiwasena matcha-tsukuri!



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