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Matcha Guricha -Whittard of Chelsea


Hello Tea Friends!

I was contacted to do a review of any Whitards tea of my choice, I was absolutely thrilled and spent a lot of time going through their long list of teas, until I found this one. Matcha Guricha, a Japanese green tea mixed with Matcha to create an unusual and super Japanese green tea. Plus the words ‘Limited Edition’ caught my eye.

Here is what Whittard say about this tea:

It takes many years to become a master of the Japanese tea ceremony—so we were delighted when we came across this unusual Japanese tea, which combines the unique flavour and benefits of matcha with the convenience of whole-leaf green tea.

Guricha (also known as tamaryokucha) is a Japanese green tea—the name literally means “curly tea”, a reference to the coiled shape of the leaves. Our highly unusual Matcha Guricha is created by coating guricha in matcha, resulting in a tea that’s full-bodied and beautifully flavoursome, with a lush, herbal richness. It’s matcha without the fuss—and it’s refreshingly delicious.

Ingredients: Green tea, Matcha green tea (2%). Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

There is also some information on this tea on Wikipedia.

This tea has me very intrigued, combining two of my favourite teas in one has never crossed my mind before.



Opening the packet I can see bright green leaves of a squiggly/curly shape and a coating of Matcha dust. They bare a sweet and grassy scent, very mineral like.

Steeping this wouldn’t be right without use of my Tokoname Kyusu and Yunomi.

Steeping Parameters: 1.5tsp – 200ml – 70C. 




The resulting tea is bright emerald green and bares a sweet grass and floral scent. Like fresh cut grass.

First Steep – 45 seconds 

The first sip reveals a sweet, grassy (somewhat scent matching) tone with medium body, light dryness and smooth. Light umami among the sweet, grassy melody. Also has a thick, fresh hay like flavour.

Second Steep – 15 seconds 

Sweet grass, fresh flowers, honeysuckle, hay, umami and seaweed. It’s a beautiful greentea punch that sings in my mouth with each sip.

Third Steep – 45 seconds 

A mild steep but the sweet grass still lingers. Also slightly astringent and dry.


Conclusion: This tea was wonderful! It offered the best of both tea worlds and remained fragrant and packed with flavour. The umami was medium in strength so it’s suitable for beginners to Japanese tea. Though it did eventually gain some astringency it was rather creamy and smooth for the most part which I think came from the Matcha.

Rating: 8.5/10 

Happy Steeping!

One thought on “Matcha Guricha -Whittard of Chelsea

  1. I stumbled across this tea the other day, and was also intrigued by it. I decided to try it. The smell is amazing! Sweet and grassy. I use a temperature control kettle (of course 😉 ) and brewed the first cup at just off 85º for a minute or two, using 3/4 teaspoon in a mug. Perfect! I’m about to try my second brew, this time at just off 80º. Love your blog!

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