green tea

An Ace Return


After my review for Ace Tea London‘s Earl Grey and Lady Rose I have very kindly (and by some surprise) been sent Royal Mint Green Tea and Hot Ginger Green Tea. A huge thank you to Ace Tea London, after loving what I have tried so far I look forward to reviewing these.

I also got two different tea cards to add to my collection.


Royal Mint Green Tea 

Ace Tea London

A strong mint expression that clears the head. Immensely refreshing, intense and energetic.


The teabags are pyramid shaped and see through, which makes looking at the bags contents that bit easier. The mixture appears loosely chopped and bares a strong and refreshing mint scent with a touch of cream.

One bag in “off the boil water” around 80-85C for up to 3 minutes.


Once steeped the tea has a strong, sweet mint scent as it’s raw form.

Flavour is not overly strong but the mint is refreshing, sweet, thick and very natural tasting. A little like peppermint, same sort of flavour. The green tea is not very noticeable but I like knowing it’s there, all the health benefits but with a lovely minty taste.

As far as mint tea goes this is very nice, peppermint-esque flavour with a lingering aftertaste and with little to no dryness.



Hot Ginger Green Tea

Ace Tea London

A fiery, ginger green tea that has a punch. Full-bodied and deliciously refreshing.


Another see-through pyramid bag. Note the large volume of ginger, woah! It bares a very strong and super spicy ginger scent, also slightly sweet like Ginger Ale. Smells wonderful!

One bag in “off the boil water” around 80-85C for up to 3 minutes.


Once steeped the tea has a fiery ginger scent. Definitely has some pep to it.

The first sips were as fiery and spicy as their scent. Warming and refreshing with a lingering after taste. Pure ginger flavour that is very natural and slightly dry. I can feel it tingle the back of my throat as I sip, and it stays there for a while.

The green tea again is unnoticeable but I’m happy it’s there. As it cools it becomes slightly sweet but just as fiery.

A nice ginger tea that packs a punch. This would be amazing the next time I get a cold.


Another two lovely teas from Ace Tea London. I’m becoming smitten with their teas! I recommend them to any other fellow tea lovers that love strong and fragrant teas.

Happy Steeping!

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