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Bruu Tea January 2017 Tea Club


Hello Tea Friends!

January 2017 has come and almost gone, I do hope everyone has had a positive start of the new year. This month Bruu Tea Club sent a little surprise with the tea of a vegan friendly protein bar…but frankly my husband saw it on the side and ate it so I have no pictures or reviews of that. My bad! I can appreciate it was vegan friendly though.

So what teas are in store for this months club?

We Love Mango



Green tea, mango & sunflower blossoms.

A Chinese sencha green lovingly infused with sweet mango.

Admittedly I’m not a huge mango fan but if it’s flavoured in the ‘right’ way then I can get behind it. I do have a preference for fruit to have a green tea base though. I suppose it’s because I’m not the biggest fan of flavoured teas in general and I go for natural flavours and potential for iced tea. Still it has to be said that 9/10 I will go for unflavoured over flavoured if I had a choice.

Anyway back to We Love Mango. The blend consists of semi broken Sencha leaves with a few yellow sunflower petals amongst them. A note to say the Sencha contains sticks/stems and some slight yellow discolouration to some of the leaves. All that says is it’s not top quality Sencha but that doesn’t mean it won’t taste nice. The blend has a super mango scent, I mean SUPER MANGO scent. Like ‘Pow I’m Mango’! Reminds me of fruity bubblegum with a liquid mango centre…. I had it as a kid and can’t remember the name of it. Bubblicious or some such word. Either way it’s fruity, sweet and unmistakably mango.

An interesting quick steeping time on this one as recommended.

1 tsp of leaf in 80C water for only 30 seconds.


Once steeped the tea liquid is very light yellow and bares a soft yet juicy and sweet mango scent. Softer than it’s raw form.

It’s very mild in strength which is my first initial reaction but the after taste is sweet and fruity which lingers on the tongue. More like a warm fruit water than a tea. The green tea is not noticeable but with the short steep I’m not surprised. Perhaps a 60 second steep would bring out more flavour, though also potentially some bitterness. The short steep has left this sweet and light with only a touch of dryness.

A nice tea though personally I will either try cold steeping it for iced tea or just increase the steeping time. A nice, refreshing drink though with a wonderful mango aftertaste. Yummers!


Rose Amour 



Black Tea & rose petals.

A black tea blended with delicate English roses brings to mind rolling hills, church bells and country gardens.

There is something so beautiful and elegant about drinking rose. It’s purity and overly sweet, floral scent sends signals to my brain that overload with joy. That is why I don’t think you can go wrong with a rose black tea blend.

The blend consists of loosely chopped/broken leaves with tiny pieces of rose petals mixed in. There are a couple of stems present but no discolouration. The black tea is a lovely autumn meld of brown and black tones. It has a sweet and floral rose scent with a touch of dry wood. Not too thick but perfumed all the same.

1 tsp of leaf in 100C water for 3 minutes.


Once steeped the tea liquid is golden brown/red and bares a malt scent with delicate hints of sweet rose.

The first few sips reveal malt and dry wood tones which lead to a soft and sweet rose after taste with some dryness. Not overly floral, it’s actually just a delicate touch but it tastes natural.

As it cools slightly the rose thickens a little more and it’s sweetness is more noticeable. With the malt tones the sweetness has a ….well a manure like quality. You know, it’s almost sickly sweet.

It was a simple blend but I think I prefer more rose, perhaps larger leaves would have had a better result. It was drinkable but just not strong enough for me, though I imagine iced it will be quite nice.


Sweet Vanilla Black 



Black Tea, Vanilla Pieces & Flavouring.

Exquisite vanilla blended with the finest black tea. The soft, creamy vanilla naturally sweetens the bolder black tea. The perfect afternoon treat.

Vanilla tea can either be very, very good or very, very bad and I’ve experienced both before. Vanilla has to be the right sort of strength and flavour to meld well with tea which can lead to a bitter disaster. On the other hand it could take you to creamy heaven.

The leaves are quite finely chopped/broken and are very dark brown/black in colour. A few sticks/stems present which are noticeable in their lighter brown colour. Scent wise it’s pleasant, dry wood and sweet, creamy vanilla with a touch of dryness.

1tsp of leaf in boiling water for 3 minutes.


The resulting tea is golden red/brown in colour and bares a malt scent with a touch of soft, sweet vanilla.

The first few sips reveal a malt base with some thickness which leads to a sweet and creamy vanilla after taste and some dryness. Some bitterness in the base but it quickly diminishes once the vanilla cream envelopes my tongue. Plus remember this is without milk or sweetener, you may be able to enhance the vanilla flavour with those. On it’s own considering that fact it’s rather smooth, only that slight astringency but nothing really to speak of.

A nice tea, I like that I can taste the base tea and the vanilla while natural tasting is not overly sweet. It could be stronger but again I imagine a splash of milk would bring out more creaminess. Pleasant all in all.


Conclusion: I think my favourite was the mango tea, it was sweet and fruity and though subtle it was refreshing and delicious. I wonder what the February box will bring, my birthday month.

Happy Steeping!

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