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An Ace Tea Review


Hello Tea Friends!

Firstly no, I am not tooting my own horn with the title name. I was contacted by Ace Tea London via Twitter and was offered the chance to try some of their tea. I’m never one to pass up a free tea sample so I asked to try some of their Earl Grey. Seeing as I have a blog they said they would send another sample as well so I chose their Lady Rose tea.

Just an FYI – If you’re in the UK you too can receive a free sample. Visit their website for more details.

My tea arrived on Monday and I’ve had the pleasure of drinking them for the past couple of days before I do my official review. Testing the water if you will (pun intended).

First let me talk about the packaging. I love the designs. Both boxes have a spiral pattern encasing the logo and tea name on the front. Different teas are in different colours, so Earl Grey is Grey and Lady Rose is Pink. On the side is an ace cut through window so you can see your teabags, very cute!


There is an extra surprise in each box, a collectable card. Card collecting seems like a thing of the past, all sorts of items used to have collectable cards many years ago (including tea). It’s nice to see it’s come back, and with work featured with up and coming artists. By chance I had two different cards.



Lets start with Earl Grey .



The bags are pyramid shape and see through organza.

Ingredients: Black tea, Orange & Lemon Peel, Cornflowers, Oil of Bergamot & Lemon Essence.

Opening the packet gave a punch of scent, this is one of the strongest Earl Greys I have sniffed. It’s thick, sweet and perfumed though natural smelling. Perhaps slightly soapy because it’s so strong but in a nice way.

Steeping for 3 minutes in boiling water with a splash of soy milk.

It smells as strong and perfumed as it’s raw scent.

Flavour also packs a punch in the first few sips. The black tea is malty and rich before a thick and perfumed meld of bergamot and orange explodes on the tongue with some sweetness and dryness.

As it cools the perfume quality lessons but it’s still big on flavour.

It has to be one of the strongest Earl Greys I’ve experienced, period. Especially considering it’s pre-bagged. Despite being in a bag this tea did not disappoint. I love strong tea and this fit the bill. It had strength, character, charm and easy drinkability. Frankly everything I look for in an Earl Grey. It’s strength makes it perfect for a builders brew.

If you love strong Earl Grey then this is definitely worth a try.

Lady Rose 



Again the bags are see through organza and pyramid in shape.

Ingredients: Black tea, Rose Petals and Rose Essence.

Another strong scent is unleashed as I open the packet. Pure rose, sweet and very perfumed fills my nostrils. It smells rose enough to be a natural perfume, or essential oil. It’s beautiful!

Steeping time of 3 minutes in boiling water with a splash of soy milk added.

Once steeped the tea contains the same strong rose scent as it’s raw form.

The first few sips reveal a sweet, creamy rose flavour that resembles Turkish Delight. It’s super sweet, super strong and super natural rose. Unbelievable! Each sip carries a burst of flavour and is as delicious as the first sip. The base is lightly malty but is behind the beautiful rose flavours.

As it cools it reminds me of Rose Syrup, a thick cordial drink I get from an Asian supermarket nearby. It’s nothing but rose and sugar, again fitting with the Turkish Delight vibe.


Honestly this tea is delicious, the nicest rose tea I have EVER had. I am not saying this because I got the teas for free, I am not saying this because I’m being nice, I haven’t been paid to or anything else. It is the honest to God truth. Both the Earl Grey and Lady Rose were super strong, fragrant and tasty. My love of strong tea and particular liking of rose and bergamot drew me in. I never thought I would say it about pre bagged teas, but they are so wonderful. I keep a supply of bags in my house for visitors and general day to day ease when the mood arises, I can say for certainty that when I run out I will definitely be replacing them.

Thank you to Ace Tea for these wonderful samples. I’m off for another cup of Lady Rose right now!

Happy Steeping!

5 thoughts on “An Ace Tea Review

  1. First of all – they are packed prefrectly. So nicely!
    I am so sad we don’t have these in my country (at least I haven’t seen them yet).
    You really didgreat job describing the taste!
    I love black tea but I have to admit that lady rose looks very, very appealing! I’d like to try it some time.

  2. Have tried the whole Ace Tea collection (my reviews not going up until the 23rd Feb), but can confirm they have some super strong flavours! The earl grey is very strong, perfect for avid Eg lovers! Great review, nice to see what others think tea I’ve also tasted too 🙂

    Chelsea –

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