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Tea Blogs Best 100 List


Hello Tea Friends,

I awoke on Monday morning to find that a list of ‘Top 100 Tea Blogs and Websites for Tea Enthusiasts‘ had been published on Feedspot. They chose participants based on criteria such as: Google search ranking, popularity on social media, quality and consistency of posts and of course Feedspot’s approval and opinion. I thought it would be an interesting read and it wasn’t until my eyes started to unblur (as I said it was morning) that I noticed I had been tagged into the post. Curious I decided to read the article. Towards the bottom I found this…


I made it to number 80 on the list! I am completely honoured to have been included and I want to thank everyone in the tea community for inspiring me to carry on and be a part of this wonderful family. I will display my badge above with pride. Congratulations to everyone that made the list, it’s nice to see so many familiar bloggers on the list. Very well deserved!

In celebration I ordered something tea related to review, something I wouldn’t normally. I chose Teapigs Matcha – Apple flavoured pre made drink. I got it from a Ocado when I had some new vegan supplies delivered. It’s the first time I had seen them for sale and I wouldn’t normally go for a pre made drink but I thought it would be a nice change.


A few quick notes: A bottle is 330ml which is 23 calories per 100ml. Making a whole bottle approximately 76 calories (to my calculations and admittedly maths is not my strong suit). It contains spring water, apple juice from concentrate and Matcha green tea.

A shake and big gulp later… It tastes like a less sweetened version of apple juice. The Matcha isn’t noticeable until the end where it leaves a bit of a dry after taste, otherwise it doesn’t really carry any other Matcha characteristics at all. It’s rather disappointing actually as I really wanted it to be more Matcha flavoured than apple, but it’s the other way around. I suppose it’s good for those that dislike Matcha but still want it’s health benefits.

Don’t get me wrong, it was certainly pleasant to drink and if I was in a shop I may buy it in the future for a road trip; but I wanted more Matcha in there. I actually like the taste of Matcha and the only resemblance of it was in the last few sips in the bottom of the bottle.

A nice try but I also bet this is something you could replicate at home yourself.

More reviews coming soon!

Happy Steeping!

2 thoughts on “Tea Blogs Best 100 List

    1. I didn’t contact them or enter myself. They just found me, they said on the post it was down to Google search results and social media status. Purely a fluke I was in this list to be honest.

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