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BlueBird Tea Co Advent Calendar of Tea – Day 15


Welcome to day 15 tea friends. Only 9 more days to go!

What is behind door 15?

Day 15 – Bluebird Pin Badge 


So it’s not tea but is tea related, it’s a nice little treat to remember the calendar with. They also have them for sale on their website for £4.

As it’s not something I can really review I decided to post about my favourite Bluebird Tea Co blend. Like an homage to them, basically what I think of when I think of Bluebird Tea Co.

It’s one of the first blends I tried a couple of years ago and has been my favourite since. Original yet such a treat; it is of course the wonderful Rhubarb + Custard.


Ingredients: Rooibos, rhubarb pieces, calendula, flavour.

In raw form you have a wonderful blend of brown/red Rooibos pieces with a generous scattering of yellow calendula petals, finely chopped green stevia leaves and some rough cut but small pink and white pieces of rhubarb.

As I opened the packet I was met with an amazingly strong aroma of rhubarb that has both sweet and sour tones but also an element of creaminess. It’s one of the best smelling teas I have ever experienced.

Brewing Method: Teapot with infuser

Water Temperature: Boiling

Steeping Time: 6 Minutes

Once steeped this tea is red/orange in colour with a pure rhubarb aroma that reminds me of the old penny sweets I used to have as a child.

The first few sips reveal a sweet yet creamy rhubarb taste that is mellow and oh so yummy! It not only smells like the penny sweets but also tastes like them and all in one low fat drink (estimated at just below 1 calorie per cup).

Suitable for those that are not a lover of rooibos, the rhubarb takes away the odd chemical taste that it naturally has and just leaves it’s sweet and light goodness.

It’s also clean and smooth tasting with just a touch of tartness from the rhubarb that blends in very well amongst the sweet elements.

Even as much as I tend to dislike Rooibos this blend is delicious. I’ve had it hot and cold and each time it’s been a cup of delight.

Find out which tea is in store for day 16 tomorrow.

Happy Steeping!

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