Assorted Tea Clubs

BlueBird Tea Co Advent Calendar of Tea – Day 10


We are finally in double digits on the calendar with day 10.

Opening the door reveals…



Day 10 – Jelly + Ice Cream

Ingredients: Rooibos, desiccated coconut, freeze-dried strawberries, hibiscus, apple pieces, elderberries, rosehip, vanilla pieces, red cornflowers, pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), flavour.

Being vegetarian I can’t remember the last time I had jelly, and even before I converted I was never a fan of jelly and ice cream together. Separately they were fine but together made a wobbly, wet mush. Again this is from what I remember, it’s been over 20 years since I last had jelly at all. In terms of tea though I imagine it’s like creamy strawberry and that sounds delightful.

Steeping Instructions: 100° water – 4+ mins – without milk (though the website says you can drink it with milk which I didn’t expecting). They also have a recipe for Jelly + Ice Cream Bubble Tea on their website.


Once steeped the tea (technically tisane) bares a red colour and super sweet strawberry scent.

The first few sips reveal  a sweet strawberry but thick Rooibos base which lingers in the after taste. Slightly creamy but overall the sweetness has a big impact, almost verging on being too sweet. I’m a savoury person over sweet so it’s not something I could have all the time, it’s bordering on that too sweet line.

The Rooibos base is thickly herbal too and slightly dry which is slightly disappointing since I usually dislike Rooibos in sweetness and herbal flavour.

As it cools which is also about half way down the mug it remains sweet but the Rooibos herbiness goes away slightly behind the strawberry sweetness.

I suppose it is jelly like but not creamy enough for ice cream; though perhaps it is if milk was added. Though It’s a nice enough blend I don’t think it’s for me. But it was nice to try something new and that is one of the main reasons I got the calendar. If I were to rate it would be 6.5/10.

So day 10 down and more to go, what tomorrow brings I do not know, join me tomorrow to open door 11, will it be hell or will it be heaven?

Happy Steeping!

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