Assorted Tea Clubs

BlueBird Tea Co Advent Calendar of Tea – Day 9


Day 9 is upon us already. I’ve had all sorts of blends so far (including a chocolate) and I look forward each day to seeing what surprises lay in store for me.

Opening flap number 9 reveals…




Day 9 – Peppermint

Bluebird state that this is just pure peppermint leaves, though it is not up for sale on the website at the moment.

It’s a simple ‘herbal tisane’ but I’m a fan of peppermint so I don’t mind. It’s actually very good for the digestive system and stomach upsets. If I’m feeling unwell I usually go straight to the mint tea.

Steeping Parameters: Boiling Water for 3-4 minutes.


Flavour is strong and sweet with pure peppermint flavour. It’s very refreshing, reminds me of candy cane. It’s delicious! Pure tasting and natural, plus it wasn’t too dry and herbal so it’s rather fresh. The refreshing peppermint lingers in the after taste.

When you sip it’s slightly dry and herbal but then straight away the peppermint grows, the sweetness increases and the refreshing tone packs a flavour punch that fills the mouth.

It may have been simple but that is one delicious peppermint tisane. This would go very well with chocolate.

Tomorrow we are in double digits, come back to see what’s in store for day 10.

Happy Steeping!

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