Assorted Tea Clubs

BlueBird Tea Co Advent Calendar of Tea – Day 7


Happy day 7 everyone! Wow, it;s been 7 whole days of tea goodness and surprises, and I have 17 more days to go.

So what is behind flap number 7?




It’s Pandalicious Liquorice!

Ingredients: Chamomile, liquorice root, peppermint, ginger.

Fact – I hate licorice. Even if it has a cutesy panda-esque name I hate licorice; especially in tea form. So be aware that I am not thrilled about trying this tea and if I happen to not like it (as expected) then that is my personal view and not because it’s a bad blend.

So let me begin *gulp*.

Steeping time was 4-5 minutes in boiling water.


Once steeped it bares a mint and chamomile scent with no licorice to speak of.

The first few sip reveal a sweet and refreshing peppermint flavour that fills my mouth and softens into a mild (and I stress mild) yet very refreshing licorice flavour. In fact there is more refreshing factor of the licorice than actual licorice flavour. Like when someone walks down the hall and you didn’t see them but you can smell their perfume lingering near by. It’s actually a sigh of relief for me that it’s not too licorice thick or heavy, more of an after taste.

It sort of tastes like I’m chewing gum and sipping chamomile tea. I can’t say if that is good or bad really, just unusual, but that is what it reminds me of.

As it cools the mint becomes a little stronger and the refreshing aftertaste slightly weaker, or well at least my mouth has adapted for it so it’s not as noticeable. So really after a while it’s a creamy peppermint with a slight herbal finish. Now it’s minty enough to be like candy cane.

I could finish this cup but I don’t think this blend is for me. It was nicer than I expected being only mild on the licorice side but it was refreshing enough to be a little off putting. Again I stress that’s because I hate licorice. If you happen to love chamomile, peppermint and licorice then this is probably something you should look up.

An interesting tea all the same but I can’t help but wonder what is in store for tomorrow? To see what door number 8 holds come back tomorrow!

Happy Steeping!

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