Assorted Tea Clubs

BlueBird Tea Co Advent Calendar of Tea – Day 5


Day 5 has arrived quickly, I can’t believe it’s almost a week since I opened my first window. There is something to be said about the thrill of opening an advent calendar, the little surprises make each day enjoyable. Speaking of which, what tea do I have today?

Day 5 – Nearly Nirvana 


Once steeped it has a strong spearmint aroma which is both fresh and very cooling but also sort of creamy and sweet.

Flavour wise it’s very thickly spearmint with some sweetness and floral tones. The floral tones are rather recognisable as being jasmine particularly in the after taste. It sounds like a bizarre combination (jasmine and spearmint) but they actually work very well together.

Plus I consider most minty things Christmas like so that was a bonus.

What will be behind door number 6? Find out tomorrow!

Happy Steeping!

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