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BlueBird Tea Co Advent Calendar of Tea – Day 2


The Christmas spirit is strong in the UK at the moment and every single shop is playing carols and songs. It’s the time of year that you can truly say Christmas is approaching, when you hear a song for the first time while your out and about. That happened to me yesterday and I thought about it while I drifted off to sleep. As I awake this morning I rush downstairs and almost savagely rip open day 2 on my advent calendar. I’ve been wondering what it could be…Well it was not very exciting if I’m honest.




Day 2 – Bluebird’s Great British Cuppa Tea

So today is more of less a bog standard black tea. I was hoping to see something more seasonal if I’m honest but then trying to think of 24 different Christmas themed teas was too much and I accepted it.

This tea is known as their house blend and has done very well in this year’s Great Taste Awards.

Steeping Parameters: Boiling Water for 3-4 minutes and since it’s a ‘British’ cuppa I will put a splash of soy milk in.




Once steeped the tea took on a deep brown colour (before milk was added) and it bares a rich, sweet malt scent.

First few sips reveal a dark, dry, malt and wood base with a soft hint of smoke. Slightly bitter and stronger than I initially expected.

The strength continues to impress on a British standard though I would like a little more flavour and depth in it. Though It’s easy to drink and warming on this cold eve. Plus in true British style I thought it deserved something to dip into it, so I have some orange chocolate biscuit sticks. Yum!


I wonder which tea will be under door number 3? Find out tomorrow.

Happy Steeping!

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