Assorted Tea Clubs

Bond Street Teas VIP Club


Hello Tea Friends!

A company called Bond Street Teas in London was kind enough to send me a VIP Club box to review. I never know what to expect when I agree to review a club box which builds some excitement. This box was no exception. A large box arrived that gave me a smile at the sheer size of it. A label on the top showed the Bond Street Teas logo. I flipped open the lid and was taken aback by the bright blue packing paper strips. In contrast from a white box to bright blue it was not what I expected to see, and a fancy scroll on the side too held with ribbon. I wondered what sort of magical box this was, it felt like a royal summons!


Moving the scroll aside to save for later (as I wanted the contents to be a surprise as I pull them out) I dug into the blue abyss. One by one I pulled the items out, each time with excitement and enthusiasm. Once I was satisfied I had pulled everything out I placed them on the top so I could inspect with wonder.

I received:

  • A Bond Street Teas London mug.
  • A box of English Breakfast tea bags
  • A sample of Passion Fruit tea in loose leaf
  • A ball tea filter
  • A box of Honey & Almond biscuits.


What an impressive haul! From not knowing what to expect to begin with it has left me with a good impression even before I taste them. That is to say; the touches are a nice find. The cup looks well made and the tea filter is perfect for the loose leaf tea. In essence you have everything you need to make use of the tea, apart from a kettle and water of course. Even the biscuits are to aid the tea drinking experience, and fancy biscuits at that!

So what exactly makes a VIP Tea Club box according to Bond Street Teas?

On joining the VIP club, you can select any tea from our range (tea-bag or loose leaf), plus any one of our biscuit ranges. We will send you an e:mail detailing exactly how to make your selection.

Every month will will send you a month’s supply of your chosen tea, and a packet of biscuits. Additional you will receive, with our compliments, extra samples to try.

At any time, you can adjust your membership to change your selection of tea or biscuits. Also, you can add to you monthly parcel with any other items from our range. So, for example, if you would like x2 pouches of Assam tea, plus 1 each of our Peppermint and Jasmine teas, plus treat yourself with a bar of chocolate, just let us know and we will update your regular delivery. There are no additional service charges and you never pay P&P. You can make as many changes as you like during your subscription.

By becoming a VIP member of Bond Street teas you can benefit having you tea delivered to your home monthly free of charge. You can select the type of tea and other additions each month, or stay with your favourite. You can order the right quantity to suit you, and what’s more we will send you regular free samples of new exciting flavours to try.

Discover the tastes of rare and unique teas from around the globe!

This is an interesting idea, a tea club that you can personalise according to your mood and taste. Plus the added bonus of adding anything else you want that month into the box to take advantage of free postage. It makes it sound simple; once a month you pick your teas and extras that you desire to get you through until next months selection. If only other things in life could be that easy!

This is to simplify it.

Delivered to you home every month:

  • x2 pouches of your chosen tea (either lose leaf or pyramid bags)
  • Your choice of 1 packet of Artisan Biscuits
  • Free post and packing each month
  • The convenience of having your special tea delivered to your home
  • Ability to change the contents of your order every month

Additionally, members receive:

Free tasting samples – discover new and exciting flavours of tea, biscuits, chocolate and more!

Free samples from our Rare and Unique tea range. Very special teas from around the world

Discounts on purchases of our Rare and Unique range of teas

Free Delivery on all orders

Special offers and discounts across our range

Everything appears very fancy but I haven’t heard of Bond Street Teas before. So who are they?

Bond Street Teas are an ethical tea company that can boast fair trade and a focus on heritage for their products. With a good selection of products available with worldwide shipping and a large array of gifts; this company aims to please. Not only tea but the British past time of tea and biscuits is a focus for Bond Street. Despite selling pre bagged teas they claim the leaf used is fuller and of better quality than your generic bag.

It always makes me smile to see a tea company that is fully fair trade. As a consumer I always try to purchase from ethical resources, the last thing you need is your conscience when you’re trying to enjoy a tea break.

Let’s go back to the super fancy scroll.


The scroll gives a full list of items that were included in your box. Furthermore it also has information and steeping instructions for the teas included should you need further guidance. Plus did you notice the ‘Next Month’ box? A reminder that you can personalise your choices.

English Breakfast Tea


A blend of the finest Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon and African Orthodox teas. The Bond Street Teas blend uses a variety of leaf size that hold together well as a dry leaf, but deliver their differing qualities in the cup. The smaller Assam and African teas help give strength whilst the larger leafed Darjeeling and Ceylons transfer a more delicate and flavourful note. The liquor is dark and rich, with a full malty character.

Drink this with our Honey and Almond biscuits with our English Breakfast Tea – the perfect combination!


Well alright, I shall pair the tea with the Honey & Almond biscuits. When it comes to biscuits and tea you don’t have to tell me twice!

The tea box is cardboard with a window in the front to show the bags. Opening the box shows that the teabags are loose inside with a clear white tag. Closer inspection of the bags reveal a thin, see through, organza style bag with a blend of gold, dark brown/black and red/brown coloured leaves. Most are small but overall it looks loosely chopped. There is a good amount of leaves in a bag, it looks to be 1.5-2tsp worth. It looks like it will produce a strong cuppa, something that can honestly call itself an English Breakfast tea. Lifting one up to my nose I can note a dry, sweet wood and malt scent.


Steeping instructions as per the scroll: 1 teabag, boiling water and a steeping time of 3-5 minutes. It also says to add a drop of milk.

Once steeped and a drop of soy milk has been added, the tea bares a rich, malty scent with a hint of smoke.




In flavour this packs a strong punch. Strong and rich mixed with notes of  dry wood, malt and soft smoke with some mild bitterness. Half way through and it remains consistent in flavour and tone; certainly a tea to make you shed the morning’s zombie state.

On the whole this is pure tasting and strong, living up to it’s English Breakfast name and quality. It is mildly dry and the bitterness only comes through strongest in the after taste though at a pleasant and acceptable level given how strong the base blend is.

Now paired with the biscuits.



The biscuits are thin and resemble a Scottish shortbread taste. They are rich and sweet which on balance softens the bitterness of the tea. These biscuits are heavenly! If you have ever eaten fresh Scottish shortbread then you know what I’m on about. Otherwise imagine a biscuit (or cookie for my overseas friends) that has butter, cream and sugar richness with a light baked taste and lots of intensified flavour while you chew. This biscuit lives up to the tea and matches it beautifully.

Though it is called Honey & Almond I would not have been able to identify the almond if I was trying these blind folded. Honey you can get from how sweet they are but even then it’s not a generic honey taste, they are both subtle. I couldn’t notice any almond pieces in the biscuits or any for decoration but perhaps they are ground down or extremely finely chopped. Either way they are still delicious!


Plus, drinking this in my new Bond Street Teas mug means I can add a few notes about the mug. It’s quite heavy and a nice weight to hold, with a thick ceramic wall to insulate the temperature and be more burn resistant. After all, a good quality tea needs a good quality mug.

Passion Fruit Tea 




This was the sample blend of loose leaf to try in this box. Though it is no longer for sale on the website it may come back in the future. I cannot say, but it will be reviewed all the same.

Passion Fruit is a black tea based blend with marigold petals and passion fruit flavour. This I know from the front of the packaging and the scroll information. The blend bares a sweet tropical fruit scent, not quite strong enough to declare as passion fruit. The leaf pieces are a nice size too, loosely chopped with an array of long and short, thinly rolled leaves of a dark brown colour. The marigold leaves make a nice contrast.

Steeping Parameters: 1 tsp of leaf, boiling water and a steeping time of 3-5 minutes.

I will use my new mug with a 3 minutes steep and using the tea ball provided.



Once steeped this tea bares a subtle sweet fruit scent with dry wood.

The first sips reveal a perfumed tropical fruit flavour that is very soft amidst the dark and dry wood base. It’s very sweet, in a chemical sort of way. The base gives it a medium strength overall but the dryness increases in the after taste.

The fruit is still not definable as passion fruit, it’s too soft and too perfumed ie synthetic like. That being said it’s not a horrible blend. I think this is best suited for tea drinkers that prefer mild brews.

This blend is not for me. I prefer a stronger fruit flavour and something more natural tasting. Now I cannot say if this tea is naturally flavoured or not as it doesn’t say, but it tastes unnatural and that in itself puts me off.

Conclusion: This VIP tea club box is packed with elegance and class. It’s presentation made me feel very fancy and the tea and biscuit pairing made me proud to be British. There can be nothing finer than tea and biscuits for any situation in life. That is the British way.

This box is available for 6 or 12 month subscription and it would make a wonderful gift. Checking the website the current price is £65 for 6 months of this tea club. That is only £10.83ish per month including UK shipping. Amazing value for the goods you receive. Plus not to forget you have the chance to personalise each box with your preferences.

I would have liked to see either a shorter subscription, perhaps 3 months available. Personally I live by a budget and it would be easier for someone like me to buy cheaper subscriptions. Not everyone would have a problem with the 6 month subscription but again it would be nice to see something more suitable for those of us that budget month to month.

Still this has been a wonderful experience and I heartily recommend Bond Street Teas VIP club. It would make a great gift to those Brits that like the traditional past time of tea and biscuits or to people overseas that want to gift an authentic British tea time. This box is tried and true. Let me be frank, I often recommend things on my reviews for people to try, but this has to be one of the most impressive and affordable (month to month) tea club packages that I have ever seen. I have a lot of enthusiasm for this club and I know that in the future I will seriously consider being a member.

Thank you Bond Street Teas for letting me try your VIP club. I loved every aspect of doing this review and it was a privileged to receive such a wonderful package.

Until next time, Happy Steeping!

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