Pu Erh Tea

Camellia Flower Pu’Erh Cake – Aliexpress


Hello Steeping Fans!

Today is a review of the infamous God of Night Sweats tea as purchased from Aliexpress. Unfortunately it is no longer available from the original vendor we bought them from, but they can be found on Aliexpress is you look for Camellia Flower Cake.

Here is a link to Oolong Owl blog review for this tea.

The story: Toward the end of 2014 a tea was discussed in the Steepster chat room, it was a find from Aliexpress that came with some funny translations and is essentially a Pu-Erh cake with camellia flowers. It was decided then and there that a bunch of us would buy the tea and try it. I decided to see if it could mature a little and kept it to age a little. Now I cannot contain myself and I want to try it, it just looks too pretty to sit there for too long.

So you understand the level of description we are talking about here are some snippets:

  • After brewing were shining brilliantly, prolonged bears soaks.
  • Ladies love their beloved a tea, have beauty to raise colour, weight loss, anti-aging and so on.
  • Camellia has clear heat
  • It can make better sleep, God of night sweats, dream wake up more significant effect.

This was why we all bought the cake, for the cost of $11.85 including shipping it seemed a bargain to be able to communicate with the God of Night Sweats. A God, I have come to understand; that is very common in China (at least as far as many other dodgy translations go).





Aside from the dodgy English this actually looks like a nice tea. The packaging is cute 🙂 Also I love the raw look of the cake, such large flower petals and earthy colours.

Which leads me to the raw tea. Aside from the aforementioned large flower petals in earthy colours; this cake is well compressed and with a good reflection from the petals/leaves. The cake has a sweet yet herbal scent with a touch of damp earth (from the Pu Erh I imagine) and light smoke.

What do you do when there are no steeping notes? Make the bloody thing up! Which is what I am having to do. So given that this has a Pu Erh base but is mostly herbal I will use boiling water and steep for approximately three minutes. Instead of using a gaiwan I will just use a Yixing teapot. 5-7g leaf into 130ml vessel.







 Once steeped the tea is amber in colour and bares a sweet, honey and floral scent.

Flavour is sweet and thick with damp earth, light smoke, honey, flower and general herby tones. It has some Pu Erh likeness but mostly the flowers and herbal flavours dominate. The sweetness is honeyed in both scent and flavour but it’s not too much and it washed over the slight sourness of the Pu Erh. It’s the sweetness and earthy smoke that lingers in my mouth after each sip, though they don’t stay for too long. More sips also bring some dryness.

Lasted a few steeps before becoming too tasteless and dull.


I would say this is more of a floral tea than a Pu Erh tea, which is perhaps why I’m liking this one so much. Not to say that I dislike Pu Erh, I just either end up loving it or hating it with no in-between. I mention as such that if you are  Pu Erh fan but dislike flowers then this may not be for you, unless you want to celebrate the God of Night Sweats of course.

So a tea bought to worship a random God, and it actually turned out quite nice. Just a note that it’s very mild so you may have to experiment to get the right strength for your personal taste. I plan on sharing this tea with some friends though so we can all share the prayer to the holy God of Night Sweats.

Happy Steeping!

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