Black Tea

Coconut Black Tea by Siam Tee Shop


Hello tea friends!

While I’m working on a few large posts for the blog I thought it would be nice to take some time away and review another Siam Tea. Raiding through the cupboard where I put my order my eyes immediately located the Coconut Black Tea and I knew it was the one to try.


This is what Siam Tee Shop had to say about this tea:

“Coconut Black” Tea Blend, blended from a semi-wild ancient tree black tea in Fang province, north Thailand, and coconut as a flavoring agent, though seemingly the least sophisticated in our line of Thai-themed tea blends, is indeed the most harmonious marriage between a tea and aroma donor that one can possibly imagine. The sweet and characteristic taste of coconut blends just perfectly with the deep and broad body of the black tea.

For more information on this tea and to purchase please click here.


 In raw form the leaves are large, thinly rolled and with a slight curl to them. In colour they are dark brown with hints of red and some stems present though not many. Feel is crisp and dry, crunchy should I break them. If I move the leaves around I see small, green pieces of leaf; coconut leaf perhaps?

The scent is coconut and unmistakably so, I even asked my husband what he could smell without saying what it was and he said coconut. I would also say there is a hint of cocoa and wood as well which must come from the black base.



Once steeped (Western style) this is golden in colour with a soft coconut scent. Some sweetness to it but on the whole it’s subtle.

In terms of flavour this does actually match the scent somewhat. A sip produces a soft and subtly sweet coconut essence with a hint of milk and some dryness in the after taste. As it cools the black tea thickens to unleash subtle sour wood notes. As thick as the black tea base is beginning to be; it is no where near strong enough to remove the coconut essence and if anything the contrast makes it all the more pleasant.

The more I drink this the more I am happily surprised that the coconut remains sweet throughout my many cups full. I should perhaps mention that I made roughly 1 litre of this tea in a very large pot, something to enjoy with my husband while we watch a film. Anyway back to the tea, I’m on cup number 4 and it still tastes as sweet and much like coconut as the first cup did. Something that tends to be lost on flavoured blends as you adjust to their taste.

I like that the coconut tastes pure and non chemical which only adds to it’s splendour.

This tea really offered a beautiful coconut and black tea balance which in a way lets you enjoy the best of both worlds at the same time. The choice of base was what really made this tea for me, as nice as the coconut flavour is I always enjoy tasting the base for added depth and richness. I suppose it’s a way of saying “Yes I’m a coconut tea but don’t assume that is all I am”.

One of the nicest coconut flavoured teas I have had the pleasure of trying and this was also a ‘hit’ with my husband; who declared “I love it” when prompted for his thoughts. I would certainly buy more of this in the future, and I may try this cold steeped for ice tea with the rest of my sample. We shall see 🙂

Second tea from Siam Tee Shop and both have been winners, this is a very good run. I look forward to trying the rest of my samples in the near future.

Until next time, Happy Steeping!

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