Oolong Tea

Monsoon Blended Oolong from Siam Tee Shop


Hello fellow tea lovers!

It’s officially time to start breaking out the fruit tea from my stash, or in this case order something new to try. The heatwave has died down somewhat but summer has finally kicked in. Even with the rain (well. it is the UK after all) the temperature is almost sweltering, something about the heat makes me yearn for fruit tea.

Siam Tee Shop has been in the back of my mind for the better part of a year, after making friends with Thomas Kasper on Facebook, the owner. Originating from Thailand, there are a lot of wonderful Thai Tea choices at Siam Tee and the more I browsed the more interested I became. For example: they have a raw Puer from Thailand, I’ve tried Puer from China and Japan but not Thailand. The difference between Chinese and Japanese Puer was definitely noticeable and I could not imagine what Thailand would offer. So that had to be purchased, and shall be reviewed at a later date.


Aside from the ‘natural’ ie unflavoured tea gems that they have for sale they also do their own take on flavoured tea. Boasting that only natural flavours are added to their blends (which made me squeal a little with delight) was the final strike, it was all I needed to get me around to finally placing an order. A short while later (a few working days) and my tea arrived, perfectly packaged and with lots of protection. Perhaps one of the best companies I have received tea from in a long time regarding packaging. It was boxed and there were plenty of polystyrene peanuts to protect the goods. I hate receiving an order in a bubble mail bag to find that it’s been crushed into small pieces.


Today’s tea choice was the Monsoon Blend – Oolong base blend. I went with small sample packs of the fruit blends to try and determine which ones would be for me. Price of shipping is not expensive to Europe (since it ships from Germany) so I can pick anything I like up at a later date.


In raw form this tea smells super duper sweet and fruity! Like fresh peach juice. The Oolong balls are a nice size which comes dotted with other ingredients around them, of which I can see rose petals and ginger pieces.


Once steeped the tea is golden brown/yellow with a sweet and thick fruit scent, particularly peach and an undertone of sweet rose and flowers surround it. Pure smelling and juicy, wonderful!

Flavour matches the scent somewhat. It’s sweet and fruity with peach and strawberry like tones with flowers and milky Oolong, blended into one smooth and sweet drink. The fruit is very fresh and pure, I can almost taste the fuzz of the peach skin. It’s strength is a nice balance, not toning out the Oolong but using the milk tones to it’s advantage. Further sips reveal a touch of dryness which lingers with the sweet fruit in the after taste.


My first tea from Siam Tee Shop and I declare this blend absolutely delicious! It had good quality ingredients, tasted fresh and natural and the balance was perfect. I plan on re-steeping these leaves as much as possible before introducing them to my garden compost. I would definitely like more of this in the future, now I will see how it compares to the other blends I have. Most of which are black based (as I was craving it at the time).

Rating: 10/10 

I could drink this tea any time, any where and still enjoy it as much. Therefore top marks from me (which is a rare occurrence).  More to come from Siam Tee Shop soon.

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