Local Tea Finds In Leicester, UK

Today I decided to do a bit of shopping and visited Leicester City Centre with family for a look around. One of our first stops was the refurbished Silver Arcade which has some history with my family as my mother used to own a shop there for a few years before it was closed down. It’s a beautiful listed building that gives small business owners the chance to literally set up shop and start their business venture. I would rather buy from a small shop than a chain and I fully support small businesses. On our trip today we were having a look around and seeing the new renovations and changes from over the years when we spotted a shop called Cocoa Amore. It is a handmade chocolate boutique that offer an array of delicious truffles and flavoured chocolate. My eyes immediately shot to the counter which housed a mountain of Matcha Green Tea Truffles. This is the first time I have ever seen them or had the chance to try them and with this being a local find I am completely overjoyed.


The truffles are beautiful, the white chocolate case is filled with a soft, smooth, light matcha filling that is slightly bitter to counteract the sweetness from the chocolate. Just a touch of matcha but it’s perfect and it lingers in the mouth.


They also do an Earl Grey truffle which is dark chocolate based but equally as delicious. If anyone visits Leicester I highly recommend stopping by. They are on the second floor of the Silver Arcade, please visit their Facebook for more information.


I also with to thank the owners of the shop for letting me use the Matcha Truffle mountain picture. 🙂

After the chocolates we stopped into a shop that is exactly opposite called Eskimo Blue. They are a pottery boutique that sell quirky hand made gifts including some beautiful tea cups and bowls. Prices were very reasonable and I would recommend a visit for anyone looking for a tea bowl or nice ceramic mug. I came out with a beautiful bowl that was on sale for an unbelievable ÂŁ5!




This shop is also on the second floor of the Silver Arcade and it makes a wonderful stop, they have so many beautiful bowls and cups inside that I’m sure any tea fan will find something they like. They also accept commission work if you wish to make your own set. A custom tea bowl would make an amazing gift. Please visit their website for more information.


It’s been a wonderful day and our last stop was Bubble Fun Tea which has recently opened in the High Cross Shopping Centre. Bubble Tea has hit major cities in UK such as London and Birmingham but unfortunately there has been a delay in getting it to Leicester. Well now we have one so I could officially get a taste 🙂 . Bubble Tea comes from Thailand, it is very basically a flavoured liquid which contains tapioca pearls that can be enjoyed hot or cold. The tapioca pearls absorb some flavour and become similar to jelly in construct. Their menu had many flavours but I decided to go for the Matcha Green Bubble Tea and have it cold. I handed over ÂŁ3 and my drink was being made, I saw it be put into a cup which was then put into an automatic shaking machine which blended my ingredients together. After a minute or so of shaking my cup gets a solid film lid put on it and then it’s served, very quick and efficient service. I knew what the tapioca pearls were like as I have made my own before after finding them in a local Chinese supermarket, but this is the first time I have had it made for me. The Matcha was nice, it was quite strong and with some astringency but very pleasing and it worked nicely being cold. I was initially worried it wouldn’t taste like Matcha or it would be too light but it was perfect. They offered an alternative to the tapioca pearls which is a shot of black tea, so next time I may try a watermelon or coconut with black tea. Definitely on my list to visit again.

If you’re visiting Leicester for some shopping then pop by for a bubble tea.


It just goes to show that if you look hard enough you can find anything, but there truly is nothing more pleasing than local tea finds.


2 thoughts on “Local Tea Finds In Leicester, UK

  1. This ceramic shop looks interesting.
    For chocolate, I am afraid that eating too much white “chocolate” might do me no good but an Earl Grey truffle sounds tasty.

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