Halloween Tea Showdown 2013


Halloween is my favourite holiday though unfortunately not widely celebrated in the United Kingdom. My Halloween plans usually consist of spending the day watching horror films, eat as many snacks and sweets as I can stomach, dress up and drink spooky tea. I have been told off by parents before for being too realistic and scary for little children (whoops!) so my outfit this year is very tame. Still I am feeling the true Halloween spirit and shall be celebrating it in my usual way for this year.

My tea showdown this year contains three spooky themed teas from different companies. Firstly we have The Black Cat by Della Terra Teas, secondly we have Mulberry Monster by Davids Tea and finally we have Graveyard Mist by 52Teas. Three fantastic companies and a large Halloween treat for me.


The Black Cat by Della Terra Teas.

Ingredients: Rooibos, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, pineapple flavour with black cats, orange sprinkles and magic.

This tea is so fun to look at, with it’s bright orange sprinkles and cute black cat candies it’s impossible to think of anything other than Halloween in all it’s glory.



It has a very sweet and tropical fruity scent. Very strong and juicy.

1.5tsp of blend with boiling water for 5 minutes.


It tastes light and sweet with some Rooibos flavour amidst the fruitiness. The pineapple is the strongest fruit flavour but overall it’s very hard to separate all of the fruit flavours, they blend in together well. It’s sweetness increases as it cools and it resembles some sort of tropical fruit candy in liquid tea form.

Mulberry Monster by Davids Tea


Ingredients: Mulberry leaf, organic macadamia nuts, natural flavouring. Contains tree nuts.

A very natural and basic appearance with some small pieces of stem from the Mulberry leaves. Only a few pieces of macadamia nut are in my sample.

It has a sweet, dry and very nutty scent. Like a heavily nutty cocoa powder drink.

1.5 tsp of blend with boiling water for 6 minutes.


It tastes a little sweet and dry with buttery and subtle herbal tones. The dryness carries into the after taste but it’s not overwhelming. As it cools there is a delicate creamy fruit flavour added to the mix.

Graveyard Mist by 52Teas


Ingredients: Premium green teas (part Chinese Sencha, part Yun Wu/Cloud Mist), marshmallow root, spearmint, natural flavours.

Natural and basic in appearance featuring large, medium and small sized pieces.

It has a strong and refreshing pure spearmint scent. Very fresh and sweet.

1,5 tsp of blend with 80°C water for 2 minutes.


Imagine (if you dare) that you’re standing alone in a graveyard on All Hallows Eve in the twilight hours. The air is crisp and damp, there is very little light and all around you is covered with mist. The hairs begin to stand up on the back of your neck one by one and before long you sense a presence watching you from somewhere in the distance. You begin to feel uneasy and the mist seems to grow and rise even higher. You turn to run but your feet are stuck to the ground and all you can do is stand still whilst the mist completely engulfs you.

Well that is exactly what I experienced when I tried this tea.

The tea is soft and misty with a strong but sweet spearmint tone. It’s misty but there is also a smoky element about it. It tastes pure and natural and spooky. As it cools the spearmint becomes more refreshing and lingers for longer in the after taste.

And the winner is….

Graveyard Mist – 52Teas

This tea has a creepy name, a spooky flavour and made me think of so many scary scenarios. It holds the true essence of Halloween.

Runner Up – Second Place 

The Black Cat by Della Terra Teas

I loved that this blend contains little black cats in the ingredients and the flavour was very pleasant. It’s downfall was that tropical fruit is not exactly what I think of in terms of Halloween flavours.

Last Place 

Mulberry Monster  by Davids Tea

While I enjoyed this tea it just did not hold up well compared to the other two spooky themed teas. Other than the word Monster in the title (which I learned has since been removed and changed to Mulberry Magic) this has no Halloween based element about it. A little disappointing.

This is KittyLovesTea wishing you all a very Happy Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Tea Showdown 2013

  1. I love Graveyard Mist, so far it is my favorite tea from 52teas (I have only tried about eight of them so far though)

    Awesome Halloween triad of tea!

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