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Having An ‘Oohh’ Moment With Four Seasons Oolong

What is an ‘oohh’ moment? It’s that sigh of relief you make when you finally get to sit down after a busy day and take the time to enjoy a cup of tea. For me that moment is now and the tea is Four Seasons Oolong from Tea Horse.


This tea is another 20g sample received from the Monthly Tasting Box. For more information please visit their website. http://teahorse.co.uk/subscribe/

This Oolong comes from Nantou, Taiwan where it receives its name Si Ji Chun (Four Seasons Oolong) as this is literally picked and produced throughout the year. On average four to six batches of this Oolong are harvested each year at between 600-1200m.

4soolong-th 2


4soolong-th 3


4soolong-th 4

In appearance the small Oolong balls consist of both dark green, light green and brown coloured leaves and measure roughly 3-4mm. The balls look shiny and fresh.

They have a strong floral scent similar to Lily of the Valley. Imagine sitting in a field full of flowers on a warm Spring day and taking in deep breaths. That’s what I think of when I smell this tea.

Tea Horse Brewing Suggestions – 2tsp of tea        90°C            3min

I shall be using my Gongfu teapot for this steep which holds 200ml (aprox an average cup size worth). Re steeping is encouraged for this tea so I shall do three steeps.

4soolong-th 5


4soolong-th 6

First Steep – 3 mins – Once steeped this tea is yellow in colour with a buttery, sweet, floral and lightly toasted aroma. In flavour this tea is very similar to it’s beautiful aroma. It has a gentle buttery taste with hints of toasted flowers (honeysuckle and lily), grass and kale. A very refreshing and delicious start.

Second Steep – 3 mins – Tea tea remains yellow in colour but smells a little sweeter than the previous steep. It tastes that way too, definitely a touch sweeter and grassier. It’s lost some of it’s buttery and toasted charms but picking up with the touch of spring feel. Lighter than the first steep but still with lots of flavour.

Third Steep – 3 mins – It’s the last steep and I’m sad that the end is near. On the plus side the sun has come out to perfect my drinking experience. In flavour this is very subtle and all that I can taste are fragments of sweet grass and flowers with hint of butter. A very nice, refreshing steep that cleanses the pallet wonderfully.

4soolong-th 7

After the steeps the balls heave been fully expanded to leave behind dark green leaves with a slight red edge. For the most part the leaves remain whole but some have broken into smaller pieces.

Overall this has had flavour and freshness which has made it very pleasurable to drink. I would recommend this tea for Oolong lovers everywhere.

My personal rating of this tea is 8/10.

For more information on this tea or to purchase please visit the following link: http://teahorse.co.uk/tea/four-seasons-oolong/

2 thoughts on “Having An ‘Oohh’ Moment With Four Seasons Oolong

  1. 4 to 6 seasons harvested each year? And I thought there was only 4 of them in a year… or do you mean something else that I didn’t get.

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