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Lazy Sunday with Pre Bagged All Day Ali Shan

The weather has really cooled now across Britain and it’s the first time in a while that I have felt I can breathe. I’m all for summer but clammy, dry, unbearably hot summers are completely not what I want or had in mind.


To celebrate having a day off and relaxing I thought I would sample some Ali Shan that Teascent had sent me. They gave me two samples but as one is a sleepy time tea I will review that another time. For now I will try their pre bagged All Day Oolong. The link below will take you to Teascent website for more information on this product.


Teascent 2

The bags look like any other bagged tea but in close inspection you can feel tiny Oolong balls in the bags along with finely chopped pieces. They have a sweet floral yet slightly wooden and green scent.

What do Teascent say about this tea?

A smoothing Oolong teas produced in Taiwan, with its fresh and light floral texture, it’s also extremely fragrant. Individually vacuumed packed for maximum freshness.

Serving suggestion:
1 tea bag per 250ml of water. Infused 3 times.


They have a diagram on their website which is a little hard to read for steeping times in regards to water temperature and steeping time but it looks like boiling and 5 minutes. It also recommends to be steeped twice to make the most out of the tea.

Teascent 3

First infusion – The tea is amber in colour with a toasted rice and sweet floral scent combined into one delicious union. Flavour is strong with rich but sweet floral tones with a dry, perfume like quality and smoky, toasted wooden notes. It’s perhaps a little astringent, my preference would be a steeping time of 3 minutes.

The smaller the tea is inside the bags the quicker it will steep, for full sized Oolong balls I would say 5 minutes would be fine but this is very small and fine so personally it’s too long. I have one bag left and shall update this post accordingly in the next day or two with my findings on that.

Either way my thoughts on the first cup are pleasant, for a bagged tea it’s surprisingly fresh and has a lot of flavour. Would be perfect to carry in a handbag for a visit to a friends house or even a meal out where they don’t have your type of teas available. Much easier than bagging them yourself since not all empty bags/sacs are 100% sealed.

Teascent 4

Second Infusion – Once steeped this tea is now yellow in colour (toned down from amber). Much lighter and more mellow which brings out the sweetness and last touch of toasted flowers. It compliments the first steep very well to leave you with a delicate sensation in the after taste as you finish this tea. I would say that two steeps was the correct amount, three would be suitable if you like your tea very light.

Teascent 5

Overall – I am impressed and it’s been a while since anything pre bagged has me applauding it. It will never be as good as loose leaf Ali Shan but for something you can take to work with you and where ever you go it’s a damn fine feat and worthy of recognition. I will certainly consider placing an order when I require more Oolong.

My rating of this tea is 7/10.

To view Teascent website and their range of tea both loose leaf and pre bagged then please visit their website.


3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday with Pre Bagged All Day Ali Shan

  1. I did after I finished this post but I was correct to stay at two, it had nothing left at all in the third steep. Just tasted like hot water.

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