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What makes an Earl Grey posh?


Yesterday I returned from my long weekend in Brighton and have been suffering from major tea withdrawal. I was so busy making sure that my house was clean and tidy before I left that I forgot to pack my Earl Grey tea, when I found out my face was like 😮

Luckily on my return I remembered Lu Lin Teas had given me a generous sample of their Posh Earl Grey. I’m not sure what makes an Earl Grey posh but it certainly looks and sounds good.

Tea inside packaging.
Tea inside packaging.

We’ve taken a Sri Lankan black tea, LuLin Teas Single Estate Keemun black tea, bergamot oil, orange flowers & cornflowers and created an Earl Grey fit for Earl Grey himself (2nd Earl Grey, a British Prime Minister received a gift of Black tea flavoured with Bergamot Oil in 1803 and we haven’t looked back since).

– Taken from Lu Lin Teas website.

The tea in raw form contains long and thin Keemun leaves with lovely blue cornflowers and large curly orange flower pieces. It has a very strong bergamot and orange essence that is fresh and floral with a touch of sweetness. The quality looks very nice but there are a couple of Keemun stem pieces amongst the blend.

Tea in raw form.
Tea in raw form.
Tea close up.
Tea close up.

Posh Earl Grey 5

Brewing Instructions: Add 3g of tea per cup into a teapot and steep with boiling water for 4-7  minutes according to taste. 

As my teapot holds roughly three cups full I will be using three fairly heaped teaspoons of tea. One good teaspoon of tea works out to be roughly 3g. Plus I adore strong Earl Grey so I will be going for a 6 minute steep. Also for the sake of this review I shall not be adding any milk or sweetener.

Once steeped this tea is light amber in colour and has a strong waxy orange aroma.

Tea once steeped.
Tea once steeped.

In flavour this is strong, sweet and refreshing with pure orange and bergamot tones that are waxy yet juicy. There is a mellow misty aura which helps to tone down some of the strength which I believe is down to the Keemun base. Also detecting a subtle perfumey after taste with a little dryness. Very smooth and velvety.

Usually because I like my Earl Grey strong I have to add milk and maybe even a sugar or two to tone down the bitterness but this tea is light enough that I wouldn’t need to add anything to it to enjoy it.

Tea once steeped.
Tea once steeped.

I didn’t know what to expect from a tea that claims to be Posh Earl Grey but now I know Posh means delicious. This is the kind of Earl Grey blend that stays traditional enough to still be Earl Grey but also has enough added to give it that extra push in flavour. Simple yet effective. I do love my Earl Grey and I now also love this blend. I would happily recommend this to any other Earl Grey fans out there.

My overall rating is 9/10.

Please visit Lu Lin Teas website for more information on this tea or any other tea from their large online variety.

3 thoughts on “What makes an Earl Grey posh?

  1. Nice pics. I agree with @thedevotea that it looks very light for such a long steep. Might of course just be the pic. Have to admit that I’ve never heard of a recommendation to steep Keemun, or any black for up to 7 minutes. Wonder why they recommend such extended times? Amazed it didn’t taste bitter.

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