Rooibos Tea

A sweet tea for Easter

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter holiday 🙂

I’ve been spending my time on family outings/day trips and for once feel energized and relaxed. I must admit I was naughty when it came to chocolate and cake and now is the time for me to detox a little. That is why I chose this birthday cake tea to review, it offers the goodness of cake without the calories. Winning!

Here is some more information on this tea:

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Birthday Cake 

Ingredients: Rooibos, Ceylon black tea, Almond, Cake Sprinkles, Calendula, Mallow flowers.

bday cake

In raw form this tea has the appearance of rooibos but if you look closely you can see black pieces of Ceylon, a few violet mallow flowers and oh so cute star sprinkles in yellow and white.

As I opened the bag I experienced the pleasure of  smelling it’s sweet almost vanilla scent with a touch of almond ..altogether it reminds me of marzipan or those sugar almond sweets.

Raw leaves inside packet.
Raw leaves inside packet.
Tea in raw form.
Tea in raw form.
Tea close up.
Tea close up.

Brewing Method: Teapot with infuser

Water Temperature: Boiling

Steeping Time: 6 Minutes

Once steeped the tea is dark red in colour with a sweet almond candy smell. Yummy!

Tea once steeped.
Tea once steeped.

My first few sips reveal a light, sweet and creamy tea that really is reminding me now of sugared almond sweets that I used to eat every Easter. The rooibos is fairly thick but the added sweetness helps tone the flavour down. There is a vanilla like essence about it but yet it doesn’t actually contain any.

There are cakey elements too, the vanilla mixed with sugar and a slight depth of ceylon create a sponge cake like flavour. This tea would go so very well with a slice of actual cake.

Overall it’s a pleasant rooibos blend that remains sweet and delicious throughout. I can smile knowing that a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips does not apply to me with this tea so I get the goodness of something that tastes naughty matched with the goodness of 1 calorie.

My rating – 8/10.

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