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Rhubarb + Custard Tea – Ooohh My!

Last week I was contacted by Mike Turner from Bluebird Tea Co. asking if I would be interested in reviewing any of the artisan crafted teas that they supply. It’s a company that I had never heard of before but after a little research I was able to find out a great deal about the company and it’s owners.

Krisi and Mike returned from Canada in the summer of 2012 (where they had gone to escape the rat race to become ski bums) to set up Bluebird Tea Co.

After many years in the tea industry in the UK, Krisi soon found herself working for an innovative tea company in Canada (in an attempt to pay off the credit card loaded with season passes and new skis!). After just 6 months they realised a spark of a business idea to bring innovative tea mixology to the UK wasn’t going to go out.

So they sold their car, hung up the skis, booked some flights home and Bluebird was born.

With the Bluebird ethos running through their business and themselves they continues to strive to spread happiness through fun and unique tea mixology. 

I have been waiting for years now for a UK company to create their own unique blends that are both unusual and interesting but also affordable and tasty. A feat that I always thought would always be out of reach but thanks to Mike I have found the answer to my prayers.

After reading the e-mail inviting me to write reviews I immediately browsed their website to see exactly what they had to offer. My mouth dropped open at the treasures that they had created. Just to name a few they have: Birthday Cake, Bonfire Toffee, Elderflower Champagne, Monkey Chops, Totally Nutty and then I spotted Rhubarb + Custard. I had never seen rhubarb in a tea before nor had I with custard but the blend together sounds amazing.

So straight in return I replied that I would love to review and sample their teas. A few days later and I had a box full of goodies just waiting to be tried. This is my first blog review for Bluebird Tea Co. with a few more to come shortly.


Rhubarb + Custard

This blend is Rooibos based and contains: Rhubarb pieces, Calendula and Stevia.

R+C Packaging Label

In raw form you have a wonderful blend of brown/red Rooibos pieces with a generous scattering of yellow calendula petals, finely chopped green stevia leaves and some rough cut but small pink and white pieces of rhubarb.

Tea inside the packet
Tea inside the packet
The tea in raw form.
The tea in raw form.
Raw tea close up.
Raw tea close up.

As I opened the packet I was met with an amazingly strong aroma of rhubarb that has both sweet and sour tones but also an element of creaminess. It’s one of the best smelling teas I have ever experienced.

Brewing Method: Teapot with infuser

Water Temperature: Boiling

Steeping Time: 6 Minutes

Once steeped this tea is red/orange in colour with a pure rhubarb aroma that reminds me of the old penny sweets I used to have as a child.

Tea once steeped.
Tea once steeped.

The first few sips reveal a sweet yet creamy rhubarb taste that is mellow and oh so yummy! It not only smells like the penny sweets but also tastes like them and all in one low fat drink (estimated at just below 1 calorie per cup).

Suitable for those that are not a lover of rooibos, the rhubarb takes away the odd chemical taste that it naturally has and just leaves it’s sweet and light goodness.

It’s also clean and smooth tasting with just a touch of tartness from the rhubarb that blends in very well amongst the sweet elements.

The more I drink  the more I find myself falling in love with this unique tea and the smile on my face is beaming. It’s also a hit with my husband who is a coffee person.

I would recommend this tea to anyone that likes rhubarb, childhood sweets or is simply looking for something tasty and unique to try.

My rating for this tea would be 9/10.

At the moment this tea is only available in the UK but they have announced on Steepster that they will be looking into shipping worldwide very soon.

Here is some more information on this tea:

Are you in the UK? Would you be interested in receiving a few tasty samples from Bluebird Tea Co. to review? Then it’s simple! Click the link below to find out how.


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