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Orange Blossom Oolong Warms A Rainy Day

When will the warm Spring weather hit Britain? I’m getting bored of the dark, cold rainy days that have taken over since it stopped snowing. As soon as the warm weather hits I’m breaking out my iced tea maker and going crazy with my fruit teas. For now I will have to treat myself to something fruity and pretend to be somewhere warm.

orange blossom packaging

Pure Aroma Tea http://purearomatea.com were kind enough to send me a 10g sample of their Formosa Orange Blossom Oolong. This is what they have to say about this tea:

Formosa Oolong Orange Blossom tea is a light, delicate, brightly scented and highly refreshing Oolong tea, infused with the sweet, subtle aroma of orange blossoms. This is a tea to lift the spirits on a soggy afternoon or refresh and revive in the heat of the dog days of summer. With its delightful and happy fruit flavours it is perfect as a mid-afternoon energy boost.

Formosa, now called Taiwan, is the world’s greatest producer of Oolong (or Wu-long) teas. These delicious, biscuity, toasty, semi-fermented teas are half-way between black and green tea. The leaves are bruised and exposed to the air to oxidise for a short while, then baked to arrest the process. The Oolong character is well-suited to the soft citrus flavours of the orange blossoms. The result is one of the most successful marriages of the tea world.      – Taken from Pure Aroma Teas website.

In appearance the loose tea consist of dark brown an medium brown leaves that have been broken down into small pieces. Amongst the Oolong are light yellow/orange curly leaves that give the blend a sweet an floral orange scent. Orange is a personal favourite of mine in smell and taste and I must say this tea as a whole smells divine!

orange blossom loose

orange blossom oolong gongfu

Gongfu  Tea:10g 3 steeps:30s,1m,2m 85ºC/185ºF

Steep One – One Minute

Orange in colour with a sweet yet floral orange smell. Very nice start, the orange is dominant with sweet, waxy, floral and creamy tones which overall create a strong orange presence. The Oolong is in the background with baked/toasted and earthy tones which compliment the orange very nicely. I’m surprised by how strong the orange is but it’s a  positive thing for me.

orange blossom steep 1

Steep Two – Two Minutes 

Dark amber now in colour. The orange has mellowed a little now which in a sense makes it taste more like an orange as in fruit rather than flower. It’s very refreshing and still full of flavour. Almost like eating warm orange segments. The Oolong is not very noticeable now but there is still a touch of baked flavour that enhances the orange to stop it from being just another fruit tea.

orange blossom steep 2

Steep Three – Three Minutes 

Orange in colour. My third steep is still strong and fresh and well worth drinking. More subtle than the previous two steeps but strong enough to be fruitily pleasing. It’s still creamy and sweet too with the waxy element extremely reduced.

orange blossom after steeps

This is honestly one of the tastiest orange teas that I have ever tried when it comes to the flavours as a whole. I could not think of any improvements that could be made to enhance my tasting experience  and I am over the moon that I picked this tea. I feel like a bit of a suck up but I’m being honest 🙂

I will definitely have to buy some of this soon and would recommend to any other orange or fruity Oolong fans. It has certainly warmed up my dark, rainy English day.

PS. I’m on my fifth cup and there is still lots of life left in this tea. 🙂

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