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White Peony with Rose Buds in time for Valentines

It’s Valentines Day tomorrow and with that in mind I have been contemplating which tea to review this week. I’m not the most romantic of people (by far) but my choice has been somewhat influenced by this up and coming holiday. I chose ‘White Peony with Rose buds’ by a new company called Green Mountain Tea which is currently on eBay only. It just sounds like such a romantic and fitting tea to have at this moment in time and I have been thinking about it all morning.


White Peony (in general) is a lovely combination of sweet and floral delicate flavours which are very light and refreshing. I don’t remember trying rose with white tea but I think the combination will work well together.

This is what Green Mountain Tea says about this blend:

Green Mountains Rose White Peony tea consists of some of the finest white tea scented with freshly picked rose buds. The blended fresh white tea gives a refreshing taste with hints of rose. This smooth, mild tea can be drunk at any time of day. Lovely and fragrant.

This White Peony (Bai Mudan) comes from the Fujian Province in China.

The mixture whilst raw consists of dark green and silver green leaves that have been roughly broken. They are dry and crisp to the touch. Mixed amongst them are a few full dried rose flowers with the occasional dried rose petal that has become loose into the leaves.

Leaves whilst raw.
Leaves whilst raw.

As a whole the mixture smells very sweet and floral with the rose blossoming in the background scents. Very natural and alluring.

I will be brewing this using my Gongfu with the following methods:

Tea: 10g3 steeps:1m,2m,3m75ºC / 167ºF

Steep One.
Steep One.

Steep One – One Minute 

The colour is golden with a sweet and floral scent that is very rosey. Taste is very subtle and fresh with sweet and floral yet vegetal tones. The rose adds a sweet mist in the after taste which mellows very quickly. It’s also a little nutty and dry.  Very pleasing.

Steep Two – Two Minutes 

More vegetal than the previous steep and it reminds me of fresh pea pods/ string beans but with a sweet floral kick. It’s strength is stronger but still rather refreshing and lght. The rose is still in the background but not as noticeable.

Steep Three – Three Minutes

 Yellow in colour with a very soft floral smell. Now there is a delicate dryness that is a little nutty and buttery but still with that hint of flowers. This steep finishes off the tea nicely and ends it with a refreshing high.

Steep Three.
Steep Three.

I have had plenty of White Peony in the last couple of years but this was my first time trying a White Peony and rose blend. It was very delicate and refreshing but there was enough flavour in there to bring make it tasty and interesting. As for the quality I would say that both the Bai Mudan and the Roses are of a very good standard and that really helps to make the flavours of this blend.

Tea after steeps.
Tea after steeps.

I’m now feeling the love in the air thanks to this little treat, so much so that I forgot it’s snowing outside! A snowy Valentines Day in the UK may be on the horizon. How special.

Rating – 8/10


3 thoughts on “White Peony with Rose Buds in time for Valentines

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  2. Hello @jackie. I do have an about me page on my blog already which can be found under the Pages section. My personal profile also has some personal information on there too. I did get your previous message but I was out of the house at the time and it slipped my mind to reply so I apologize about leaving it so long.

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