White Tea

Jade Butterfly Brings Delight

Thanks to a friend I remembered that I had some unusual handmade white teas on my shelf from Nothing But Tea. In their white tea Jade range they have various shapes (ring, lilly, spiral, bamboo) and then they also have butterfly. It’s not your typical butterfly shape (nothing like you would draw if asked) but they are cute to look at.

Jade Butterfly - Nothing But Tea packaging.
Jade Butterfly – Nothing But Tea packaging.

Jade Butterfly in raw form.
Jade Butterfly in raw form.

Pale green and slightly furry to touch with a slight floral scent, these little butterflies are a wonderful little novelty.  To think that these have each been hand tied for my enjoyment is rather thrilling.

10 Butterflies are needed per cup with multiple re steeping encouraged.  I will be using my small Gongfu for this which equals a nice cups worth of tea. Also just to note the leaflet states this tea is to be steeped at 70°C for 3  minutes.

Jade Butterfly whilst steeping.
Jade Butterfly whilst steeping.

Once steeped the tea is a very pale yellow colour with a gentle sweet floral scent.

Jade Butterfly first steep.
Jade Butterfly first steep.

The flavour is also very subtle with the same sweet floralness as the smell. So far it’s reminding me a little of Silver Needle tea. Slightly nutty and dry but the sweet floweriness almost like Peony but not as strong is the strongest feature. It’s very fresh tasting and easy to drink.

Jade Butterfly after first steep.
Jade Butterfly after first steep.

Lets try another steep of 7 minutes. The tea has fully expanded now during the steeping process and most have untied themselves from their pretty form to be long and thin.

Jade Butterfly at the end of both steeps.
Jade Butterfly at the end of both steeps.

Very much the same as the first steep put perhaps a little sweeter. The colour is very similar  to the first steep but the scent is more floral.

It was a nice novelty of trying this white tea for not only it’s subtle sweet taste but also it’s aesthetics. Being hand tied and created makes it seem even more special which in turn made me special for drinking it. It may be something I try myself in the very near future.

 My rating for this tea is 7/10.

3 thoughts on “Jade Butterfly Brings Delight

  1. Granted they are not our generic idea of a butterfly but I can sort of see a winged insect in their shape. With a loop on either side to represent the wings and a knot in the middle representing the body.

    I did steep it a third time for 10 minutes but there was very little flavour left. Re steeping for me was limited at twice but if I was to add say another 2 butterflies to the already steeped 10 it would have possibly bridged the gap to 3 steeps.

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